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Integrated Academic Support and Advisement
William C. Jason Library 2nd Floor
Main Office - Room 208
302.857.7201 (phone)
302.857.6386 (fax)


  Integrated Academic Support and Advisement

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Integrated Academic Support and Advisement is one of the focus areas of University College. We provide quality academic services and programs that help you become an active and independent learner while pursuing your DSU degree. Our staff is actively engaged and committed to helping every student prepare, advance, and excel in their academic performance by offering the following:

  • Tutoring Center:
    All students seeking extra help in a variety of courses can come to the Tutoring Center to request a tutor. Students may be tutored individually or in small groups, according to the number of request per subject. For more information, click here.

  • Quantitative Reasoning Center
    Our mission is to help improve the persistence and success of students in math courses ranging from Intro to Algebra to Calculus I. For more information, click here.

  • Writing Studio
    Our mission is to help improve the writing skills of students, both undergraduate and graduate in any course across the curriculum. For more information, click here.

  • Academic Programs and Workshops
    University College offers academic programs and workshops throughout the semester. The schedule for Spring 2015 Academic Programs can be found by clicking here. These programs are open to all students here at DSU and are designed to assist with some of the common challenges that college students face, as well as build upon our students’ existing strengths. 

  • Supplemental Instruction
    Our mission is to increase student persistence and success in historically difficult courses by providing a collaborative peer learning environment that improves understanding of subject content, fosters critical thinking, and strengthens study skills. For more information, click here. For SI Schedule, click here.

  • Drop-In Computer Lab:
    Students sit at state of the art computers to work on classroom assignments, PowerPoint presentations and various assignments.  Students must have a current pass code from DSU's Computing Office. For further information, click here.

  • Staying-On-Course Program:
    Students on Academic Probation or Readmitted Suspension are required to participate in the staying on course program that will promote their return to Academic Good standing. For more information, click here.

  • Credit Bearing Courses:
    University College offers the following courses: Learning Strategies for Academic Success, Reading Lab, Speed Reading, and University Seminar. 
  • University College Advisement:
    Each of our five University College Advisors works closely with the advisement centers within DSU’s other five colleges. By remaining up to date on all programs and procedures within each college, we can ensure our undecided students will be advised according to their areas of interest. We also help advise students on academic probation and students requiring accessibility services. A chart outlining our advisement structure can be found below, along with the contact information for our University College Advisors.


Ms. Frances Rogers: 302.857.7985 or
Ms. Sarah Hutton: 302.857.6638 or
Ms. Tiffany Alexander: 302.857.7646 or
Ms. Cindy Blackston: 302.857.6837 or
Mr. Chester Boyd: 302.857.7226 or
Ms. Cindy Friel: 302.857.7840 or
Ms. Roberta Durrington: 302.857.7304 or