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University Policies and Procedures


The Policies and Procedures Manual for Delaware State University includes most general University policies. It is subject to additions, removals and other changes based on the needs of the University and without prior notice. Departmental and college policies, and certain safety regulations, have been excluded but may be obtained from the appropriate unit. The Manual represents a source for written policies affecting University personnel and in some instances University students, visitors and those with whom the University does business.  It recognizes and encourages the need for continuous review and improvement of policies, practices and procedures.
The University Policies and Procedures Manual is comprised of 11 policy areas:
1.     Administrative:  Policies and procedures regarding the governance of the University. These include the University, President, Board of Trustees, Provost, and Administrative Council.
2.     Academic/Research/Libraries:  Policies and procedures relating to the establishment, management and assessment of academic programs, academic appointments and research.
3.     Financial:  Policies relating to the University’s financial records, budget, payroll, accounting and asset management.
4.     Human Resources:  Policies related to recruitment, employment, benefits, separation, conflict management, equal employment opportunity, affirmative action and other employee/employer concerns.
5.     University General Counsel/Legal Affairs:  Policies and procedures governing the legal affairs of the University within the institution and beyond.
6.     Student Affairs and Enrollment Management:  Policies and procedures addressing the recruitment and enrollment of students as well as the management and delivery of student services at the University.
7.     Risk and Safety Management:  Policies and procedures related to Risk Management and Public Safety within the University. They are designed to protect the University community and its assets.
8.     Information Technology:  Policies and procedures related to the management of IT networks, security, privacy, and responsible and ethical use of IT resources and services.
9.     Procurement and Auxiliary Services:  Policies and procedures related to the purchasing of equipment and services to meet the needs of the institution. 
10.   Facilities:  Policies and procedures that allow for the effective management and maintenance of University-owned or operated structures, chattel and energy related facilities. Also included are the University’s architectural and engineering services.
11.   University Athletics:  Policies and procedures related to the management of all University Athletic Programs and compliance with MEAC and NCAA rules and regulations.
12.   University Sponsored Programs:  Policies and procedures related to the effective management of all University Sponsored programs.
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Changes to, or requests for new policies and /or procedures

The policies contained in this manual are official policies of the University and remain in full effect until changed by appropriate University actions. All requested changes/additions or identified policy needs/issues should be forwarded in writing to the Interim Director of Enterprise Risk Management/Coordinator of Policy and Procedures and the University General Counsel via the appropriate vice president.

Access to the University Policies and Procedures

There will not be hard copy distribution of the University Policies and Procedures Manual. University employees and other interested parties are expected to refer to this site as required as their main source for the current University policies and procedures. These policies may be amended or supplemented from time to time, without prior notice, so frequent referral to this site is encouraged. Departmental/Academic Unit policies and procedures may be obtained from the respective departments or academic units.

Contact Information

Pegjohngy L. Moses, J.D.
Interim Policy Analyst
3rd Floor Administration Building
Thomas P. Preston, J.D.
University General Counsel
President's Office
4th Floor Administration Building