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A word from the dean...

Are you a potential undergraduate or graduate student with an interest in agriculture, natural resources, food science, or textiles and apparel studies?

I welcome you to visit the College of Agriculture and Related Sciences (CARS). We have programs that offer you a solid academic and experiential learning foundation to help you achieve your educational and career goals.

CARS includes four divisions:

At DSU, The College of Agriculture and Related Sciences is the bedrock of the 1890 land-grant tradition. Our history began with the second Morrill Act and is reinforced daily through our teaching, research and extension activities--the three core components that define the land-grant mission.




Majors & Minors
Scholarships & Financial Aid

Areas of Study

4H and Youth Development
Agriculture and
Natural Resources

Family and
Consumer Science

CARS Conversations

Check the link above each month as we introduce you to members of the CARS staff. These people work behind the scenes to help our students and to support our projects and programs.

CARS Notables. . .






Dr. Hankoua to work with U.S. DOE this summer









Seafood Safety Workshop
May 8, 2014, 9:30 am – 3:30 pm





High Tunnel Workshop & Field Day
May 29, 2014, 10 am – 3:00 pm



CARS student honored at MANRRS Conference

Gabrielle Delima, DSU MANRRS president, reflects on accolades earned during national meeting. Gabrielle talks about her achievement here.

CARS Student debuts her designs during New York Fashion Week

Shauna Green, a senior in the Human Ecology department’s Textiles and Apparel Studies program, was invited to showcase her fashion designs in New York during the most recent Fashion Week. Shauna reflects on her experience here.

DSU students reflect on their trip to Ghana

Three students from the College of Agriculture and Related Sciences visited Ghana, West Africa, during DSU’s winter break. The trip exposed these and other students from DSU to Ghana’s agriculture, international trade and culture. Shauna Green (senior, Textiles and Apparel Studies), Akida Ferguson (junior, Environmental Science) and Michael Smith (sophomore, Environmental Science), recently reflected on their shared experience. The knowledge gained by these CARS students informed them of the culture and climate of Ghana and its people, which will aid them in completing their respective research projects. For more on this story, click here

CEO Of DuPont Ellen Kullman Visits DSU

(L-R) Dr. Mingxin Guo, graduate student Pengli Xiao and Ellen Kullman.
DuPont executive and DSU Trustee Mr. Barry Granger, graduate student Kris Roeske, Research Associate Dean Marikis Alvarez, Prof. Gulnihal Ozbay, senior Eunice Handy and junior Akida Ferguson.
Senior Michael Hickey and
Dr. Jung-lim Lee.
Graduate students Rita Kusi-Appiah & Addrianne Brown, & Dr. Venu Kalavacharla.
Dean Dyremple Marsh, research assistant Janet Cordero, graduate research assistant Tiffini Johnson & senior Jenna Jones.

Ellen Kullman, CEO and board of directors chair for DuPont, visited DSU Tuesday, Feb. 11. During an open forum for the campus community, she discussed the importance of STEM education and the sciences in solving solutions to world challenges.

Prior to the discussion, Kullman met with a select group of researchers and students, including those on the following list from the College of Agriculture and Related Sciences:

Molecular Genetics

Dr. Venu Kalavacharla
Adrianne Brown, graduate student (Biology)
Rita Kusi-Appiah, graduate student (Plant Science)

Dr. Jung-lim Lee
Michael Hickey, senior (Food Science)


Dr. Bertrand Hankoua
Jenna Jones, senior (Animal Sciences)

Dr. Mingxin Guo
Pengli Xiao, graduate student (Natural Resources)

Natural Resources

Dr. Sathya Elavarthi
Janet Cordero, graduate research assistant
Tiffini Johnson, research assistant

Dr. Gulnihal Ozbay
Akida Ferguson, junior (Environmental Science)
Eunice Handy, senior (Biology)
Kris Roeske, graduate student (Natural Resources)

CARS 1st Annual Career Fair, Spring 2014

On February 11, 2014, the College of Agriculture and Related Sciences held its first annual career fair, which focused on professional development, networking, and graduate school inquiries. This fair exposed students to the variety of opportunities awaiting them upon graduation in agriculture, food and nutritional sciences, natural resources, and textiles and apparel industries.

Students who attended the Fair met with potential employers and representatives from universities that offer advanced degrees in their fields. Attendees learned about graduate programs, internships, and employment opportunities as it related to their majors.

The career fair was a success for all of the participants; students are looking forward to next year’s event.

Below: (Students meeting with potential employers and grad schools) 





Graduate Studies

Graduate Program in Food Science

The Graduate Program in Food Science is a multi-disciplinary program that integrates knowledge in Microbiology, Biology, Chemistry, Nutrition and Engineering to the study and production of nutritious and safe food.… Read more

College of Agriculture & Related Sciences

(302) 857-6400

Administrative Staff Profile

Dyremple B. Marsh

Marikis Alvarez
Associate Dean 
for Research

Albert Essel
Associate Dean 
for Extension

Richard Barczewski
Department of Agriculture
and Natural Resources

Samuel Besong
Department of Human Ecology

Brandon Brown
Communications Media Assistant

Troy Darden
Information Coordinator

Lee Hawkins
Academic Advisor
Invoice Audit Clerk III
Administrative Assistant
College Recruiter 
IT Coordinator
Financial & Budget Analyst
Ahira Y. Smith
Director of Academic Advisement


The mission of the College of Agriculture and Related Sciences is to celebrate the uniqueness of the 1890 land-grant tripartite design by educating students through the pursuit of scholarly excellence; by conducting basic and applied research; and through teaching and extension to improve the lives of people in the state, nation and world. This mission is supported by: 

  • Innovative basic and applied research that leads to the discovery of new and beneficial knowledge that is consistent with societal needs. 
  • A quality educational experience that provides professional opportunities for future leaders in agriculture and related sciences. 
  • Quality outreach education that is designed to address specific needs of a diverse audience including under-represented groups.


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