Undergraduate Degree Programs

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The Department of Agriculture & Natural Resources offers undergraduate study in agriculture & natural resources with concentrations in:

Academic Policies
Each Departmental major is required to earn a "C" grade or better in all courses in the major field. Departmental majors cannot earn more than one "D" grade in any course designated as a Major Support Course.
D's in Major Courses: Students may not earn a "D" in any major course. Major courses are courses with the "AGRI/NTRS" prefix designation (for example AGRI-404/NTRS-314).
D's in Major Support Courses: Students may graduate with no more than one "D" in major support courses. Each option area will designate major support courses. All other requirements must be satisfied to qualify for graduation.
Add/drop monitoring: The Department encourages students to work hard to avoid the need to drop a course. If a student decides to drop a course, the student will be asked to complete an add/drop slip, to obtain the advisor's signature or initials, and the signature of the Department chair. The student must sign an add/drop release which states: "The Department cannot guarantee that the course you are dropping will be offered again within the next academic year. By signing this release, I acknowledge that I understand that dropping this course may delay the completion of my degree by one or more semesters."
To be admitted to the Department of Agriculture & Natural Resources, you must meet general admission requirements of the university. The department is looking for students who have interest in sciences and human health, and would like working with people.
A variety of scholarships, federal and state grants, student loans, and work-study opportunities are available to qualified students. For application forms, call the Financial Aid Office at 302-857-6250.