October 2009

Alumna to be honored as Delaware Futures product

  September 21, 2009 DSU alumnus Ronika Money, class of 2002, will be honored as a successful alumnus of the Delaware Futures Program at the organization’s Alumni Luncheon to be held at the DuPont Gold Room at 12 noon Friday, Oct. 16. Jill Biden, wife of U.S. Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Jr., will be the keynote. Ms. Money, currently a coordinator for the Student Services and Involvement at Pennsylvania State University at Brandywine, is spent five year as part of the Delaware Futures Program while she attended Newark High School, Del. She credits the Delaware Futures Program for being instrumental in preparing her for higher education.   “It allowed for me to complete my four years at Del State by paying for my tuition,” I am a first gen college student, and I didn’t even know what a FASTA Form was before Del. Futures. Since 1994, Delaware Futures provides academic, social and motivational support and cultural enrichment that empowers economically disadvantaged high school students to recognize and fulfill their unrealized potential and become matriculated college students. Not only did Ms. Money earn her bachelor of science in psychology at DSU, but she also went on to earn a master of arts in higher education from Indiana University. For ticket information to attend the Delaware Futures Annual Alumni Luncheon, contact Denise Tolliver, executive director, at 302.652.8609.

DSU Health Alert

  Oct. 30, 2009   There has been a significant increase in the number of cases of H1N1 influenza as well as other respiratory viruses over the past few weeks at Delaware State University.    As this is the beginning of the flu season, this increase is to be expected. DSU students are being urged to follow good hygiene, stay home and away from others when sick and seek medical care early.   DSU students should not go to class if they have flu-like symptoms. While the University realizes that class attendance is important, attendance with flu symptoms puts everyone else in the classroom at risk.   Students with flu symptoms are being urged to notify their instructor by email or telephone that they will be absent from class and call the Student Health Center to schedule an appointment.    University health services recommend the seasonal influenza vaccine, as well as the H1N1 influenza vaccine when it is available.    The University has implemented a plan for the isolation of students with influenza-like symptoms. Any residential student found to have influenza-like symptoms is being encouraged to go home if their family home is close enough to make that feasible.   DSU students should call the Student Health Center at 302-857-6393 or your healthcare provider for any questions or further information.