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The music degree program at Delaware State isn’t merely a stepping stone to the big time. It is the big time. Our marching band, jazz band, concert band, and choir perform at major venues all over the world — including at President Barack Obama’s inaugural parade. We opened a state-of-the-art teaching studio in 2009, fully equipped with digital recording, composing, and editing tools, and our students have launched their own record label.
Delaware State’s Bachelor of Music program celebrates diversity, covering many genres of music from all over the world. And graduates from our music degree program routinely go on to prominent careers as performers, composers, recording artists, educators, and music industry executives.
But it’s in the classroom that Delaware State’s music major truly stands out. In addition to developing superior instrumental skills, students get an excellent, well-rounded academic education that includes professional preparation for a broad range of music-related careers.

Professional Preparation

Delaware State’s Bachelor of Music degree includes a new component that focuses on the business of music. Students learn about everything from marketing and promotion to songwriting, recording, and producing — material that is covered by few (if any) other university music programs.
In addition, students get a comprehensive musical education that includes
  • advanced ear training
  • a four-course music theory sequence
  • instruction in piano, woodwinds, and brass
  • music history
  • composing and arranging
  • conducting


As a group, Delaware State’s music degree faculty boast extensive professional experience as musicians, educators, and bandleaders. Members of the music faculty have
  • worked as major-label recording artists, producers, and composers
  • directed award-winning bands and choirs
  • written books and journal articles
  • performed on national TV and in major venues nationwide
Their experience and professional contacts in various aspects of the music industry are an invaluable resource for students. Faculty act as mentors and career coaches, helping students to find the right niche within a highly competitive industry.

Research and Experience

Few music degree programs can match the range of performing experience offered by Delaware State. Our bands and choirs tour the country and the world, performing for heads of state, festival audiences, stadiums and arenas. Delaware State’s Marching Band, popularly known as “The Approaching Storm,” is recognized as one of the nation’s best university-level performing units.
On the business side, Delaware State has launched a student-run record company that prepares students for a seamless transition into successful careers in the music industry.