Delaware Center for Transportation


Vision Statement 

The objective of the Delaware Center for Transportation Management is to become a premier resource in the State of Delaware for teaching, training, and research in transportation management. The Center will be housed in the College of Business at Delaware State University. The Center will be headed by a Director with project based staff support. The Center will work closely and collaboratively with the Delaware Department of Transportation (DELDOT), Federal highway Administration (FHA), Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and business and industry in Delaware. The aims and objectives of the center can be broadly classified under four different areas:


  1. To promote the training of minorities and women for careers in transportation.
  2. To develop a curriculum related to Transportation Management. The curriculum will primarily be based in the College of Business and draw upon other departments from the university where appropriate. 
  3. To integrate theory with practice in curriculum development. Consequently DCTM will work closely with an advisory board consisting of experts from a variety of different areas that have an impact on transportation management. Applied learning will be an integral and critical part of curriculum development. The applied learning could be in the form of internships, consulting projects, case development, and field experience.


  1. To assist DELDOT with their short-term and long-term training needs.
  2. To develop short-term courses and certificate programs to meet the needs of the transportation industry.
  3. Initial focus of training will be in the areas of project management, GIS, human resource management, public relations and marketing, negotiation, civil rights, and basic quantitative skills.

Summer Transportation Institute

  1. To continue to offer the Summer Transportation Institute to help develop high school students with a potential for careers in the transportation sector of the economy.
  2. To continue to develop an innovative and creative curriculum for the Summer Transportation Institute in collaboration with DELDOT and FHA.


  1. To support interdisciplinary research with a focus on transportation management.
  2. To generate funding opportunities for research from grants.
  3. To develop a database of transportation related data for research.
  4. To meet the research needs of DELDOT, FHA, FTA and business and industry in the area of transportation management.


DCTM will be headed by a Center Director whose primary responsibility will be to help the Center achieve its aims and objectives. The Center is equipped with computers consisting of twelve desktop computers, two laptop computers, and a printer. The computers are equipped with GIS and other basic software related to research and training needs of the center. DCTM will be supported by staff as and when needed for projects. Subsequent to the expansion of DCT, full-time support staff will be hired.



Dr. Nanda K. Viswanathan
Director, Delaware Center for Transportation