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Welcome to the Department of Sport Management

The Sport Management Department has designed a program to develop "effective practitioners" who are equipped with specialty content knowledge, demonstrate interpersonal communication skills, utilize technology in a variety of sport and Recreation Management settings, and are able to apply specialized knowledge and skills through proven models of teaching, research and service in the industries of professional sports, collegiate sports, recreational sports and professional sport facilities.

The Department of Sport Management offers a Bachelor of Science in Sport Management degree with a concentration in Sport Management. All majors in the Department engage in an internship as their senior capstone experiences during their final semester of enrollment. The culminating experience allows majors to practice their learned skills in an actual real life situation that will be similar to what they will be experiencing after graduation.

The department offers a Minor in Coaching Management for undergraduate studies at DSU. The minor could be either used for the students who have enrolled in Sport Management program or other concentrations/majors. The Coaching Management minor is designed to strengthen knowledge and skills in athletic coaching to empower students’ capability in athletic workforce. The program is formulated with national standards of coaching program by National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Education (NCACE). The Coaching Management minor contains 21 credit hours that are mainly offered by the Department of Sport Management within College of Business.

The Department of Sport Management also offers a Minor in Recreation Management for undergraduate studies at DSU. The minor could be either used for the students who have enrolled in Sport Management or other concentrations/majors. The Recreation Management minor is designed to strengthen specified knowledge and skills in recreation to empower students’ capability in workforce of intramural sports, recreation facilities, government agencies, and private (e.g., YMCA) recreational organizations. The program is formulated with national standards of recreation program by National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA). The Recreation Management minor contains 20 credit hours of courses by the Department of Sport Management within College of Business.

The Sport Management Organization is the student organization within the Department of Sport Management. All Sport Management majors are eligible for the membership. The organization elects its own officers, updates its by-laws, and determines its goals and objectives. The majors' organization activities are both professional- and service-oriented. Majors are encouraged to attend regional or national conventions under the supervision of the organization's faculty advisor. The organization hosts an annual leadership conference at DSU’s campus and invites their members to attend the Sport Management National Conference yearly.

Master of Science in Sport Administration offered by Department of Sport Management that professionally prepares ethical leaders for advanced responsibilities within sport organizations and/or to design and implement new sport or sport-related enterprises. This is a 30 credit hour, twelve-month program designed to develop your ability to lead and manage sport and/or sport-related organizations while adapting to changing economic, legal, political, and social influences.

These are some of the unique features of this program; (1) the program adheres to the standards of the National Association for Sport and Physical Education/North American Society for Sport Management, (2) the courses are designed to incorporate extensive problem-based field experiences in the sport industry, (3) all students pay in-state tuition and fees, and (4) weeknight classes are located at Kirkwood Site of Wilmington.  Students will enroll for 9 credit hours (3 courses) during the fall and spring semesters. Class meetings are Monday evenings from 5:30 – 10:50 p.m. for 8 weeks with a week break between sessions. The third course will be a web-based course using the Blackboard for the semester.

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 DR. JAN E. BLADE, Associate Professor, Chairperson &
Director for Graduate Program
Phone: (302) 857-6607
Fax: 302.857.6601

DR. LI CHEN, Professor & Coordinator for Coaching and Recreation Management
Phone: 302.857.6602
Fax: 302.857.7397

DR. MARK STILL, Associate Professor
Director for Undergraduate Program
Phone: (302) 857-6614
Fax: 302.857.6601

MR. MAURICE L. SUGGS, Instructor
Undergraduate Program
Phone: (302) 857-7501
Fax: 302.857.6601

DR. MARK L. ZHANG, Associate Professor
Phone: (302) 857-6367
Fax: 302.857.6601

MRS. CHERYL A. MCCREA, MBA, Senior Secretary, Adjunct Instructor            
Phone: (302) 857-6600
Fax: 302.857.6601

Teaching Staff:

Mrs. Sherwanda Rachal, Instructor
Recreation Management
Phone: 302.786.7050

Mrs. Jennifer Ridgley, Instructor
Coaching Management and Horsemanship
Phone: 302.359.2277

Dr. Gwendolyn Scott-Jones, Associate Professor
Sport Psychologist
Phone: 302.857.6664

Mr. Jonathan Stewart, Instructor
Sport and Recreation Management and Aquatics
Phone: 302.857.7727

Mr. Scott Thornton, Instructor
Recreation Management and Golf
Phone: 410.982.7543