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(L-r) DSU mathematics doctoral students Fang Zeng, Tiara Turner and Yuhong Liu stand with their research poster that won 1st place at a recent national research conference. Their research showed how radar can be used through walls to detect biological movement such as respiration and the mathematical measurements that are employed in such technology.

  Doctoral Trio Wins 1st in National Research Poster Competition


Three Delaware State University doctoral students took 1st place with their mathematics research poster at the 5th annual National Minority Serving Institutions Research Partnership Consortium Conference held recently at Morgan State University in Baltimore.

The doctoral students – Fang Zeng and Yuhong Liu of China and Tiara Turner of Princess Anne, Md. – won the top prize in their category for the complex poster on “Detection of Periodic Motions of Visually Obscured Human Beings Using UWB Radar.”

With great relevance to security and surveillance operation, the DSU trio showed how UWB radar can be used to detect through a wall biological motion such as respiration and the movement of human limbs.

According to the research, such radar technology could be used to help protect troops in conflict by detecting threats in hidden areas. The radar could also have applications in earthquake and fire rescue operations.