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The DSU Kirkwood Planning Task Force will seek input from constituent group and make recommendations on the use of the new facility by April 30, 2012.

  DSU President Williams Establishes New Kirkwood Facility Task Force



DSU President Harry L. Williams has established a new task force to study the possible academic uses of a newly acquired facility in New Castle County.
The former Robert Kirkwood Memorial U.S. Army Reserve Center west of Wilmington on Kirkwood Highway had been identified as a federal surplus real property that could be converted to an educational purpose. As the result of DSU’s application to acquire the property, the U.S. Department of Education awarded the property to the University in June 2011.
Dr. Williams has now established a nine-member DSU @ Kirkwood Planning Task Force to study the possible academic uses of the building. The task force members are:
  • Dr. Sheldon Rhodes (Task Force chair), dean of the College of Business
  • Dr. Samuel Besong, chair of the Department of Human Ecology
  • Lillie Crawford, director of the Center for Enterprise Development
  • Tamara Crump, executive director of Continuing Education.
  • Chief Harry Downes Jr., director of Public Safety
  • Dr. Sheridan Quarles Kingsberry, associate professor of social work
  • Amir Mohammadi, executive vice president of Finance and Administration
  • Dr. Steve Newton, professor of history
  • Vita Pickrum, associate vice president of Development
  • Dr. Hanson Umoh, chair of the Department of Mathematics
  • Genevieve Tighe (Ex Officio), assistant vice president of Academic Affairs/Institutional Effectiveness
The DSU Kirkwood Planning Task Force will determine the types of programs, educational opportunities, activities, partnerships with business, industry and professional organizations and agencies that would benefit the citizens of the greater Wilmington and New Castle County area in connection with that facility. It is expected that the group will be soliciting input from constituent groups.
The Task Force’s final report and recommendations are to be submitted to Provost Alton Thompson by April 30, 2012.