Work Study Job Postings


** Starting Pay Rate is $8.00 for undergraduate students and $10.00 for graduate students.

**Maximum hours a student can work per week  - 12**


To participate in Work Study for 2012 - 2013 , you must have a Work Study award as a part of your financial aid package.  If Work Study does not appear on your award, you are not authorized to start a Work Study job at this time.

Undergraduate Student, which now includes 2nd semester freshmen (who have at least 12 earned credit hours)
must have a 2.0 overall g.p.a.
Graduate Students must have a 3.0 overall g.p.a.
Students must be registered as full-time students (6 credits per semester for graduate students or 12 credits per semester for undergraduate students).
Students must be in good academic standing and have an accurate FAFSA on file that has been reviewed and processed by the Financial Aid Office.

*Work study awards will be automatically offered to eligible students.  Work Study funds are limited; not every eligible student can receive a Work Study offer*


Spring 2013 job postings