Applied Mathematics (M.S.)

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Curriculum for Applied Mathematics (M.S.)

The masters programs in mathematical sciences are flexible enough to accommodate students with diversified background training. In consultation with the Graduate Committee, each student develops a course of study in mathematics areas most relevant to his or her professional and career objectives. Each student must take 15 credit hours of required courses, and complete an additional 18 hours either in the Thesis Option or the Non-Thesis Option.


Required Courses

All of these five courses:
Course No.
Course Name
Foundations of Mathematics
3 Hours
Introduction to Abstract Algebra
3 Hours
Real Analysis I
3 Hours
Real Analysis II
3 Hours
Complex Analysis
3 Hours
Select one of the following two courses:
Course No.
Course Name
Advanced Probability Theory
3 Hours
General Topology
3 Hours
18 Hours

THESIS OPTION: Applied Mathematics

  1. Electives of 6 credit hours from the Applied Mathematics Courses:
  2. MTSC-699 Thesis (6 Hours)
  3. Electives from Pure Mathematics and/or Applied Mathematics and/or other Graduate level courses with the approval of the student’s advisor. (3 Hours)

Total: 15 Hours

The students who select thesis option must defend their thesis before the Department Graduate Committee. A student must complete a six-hour research thesis.


The student who selects either one of the following non-thesis options must pass a written examination within two attempts.

This written examination is administered in February. A student must pass the written exam by the beginning of his/her 6th semester of study. A second and final attempt is permitted in the following August. In this examination a student must choose 2 topics from Algebra, Analysis, and Applied Mathematics. The exam is based on both 25-561 for Analysis, 25-511 for Algebra, and (or) 25-651 and 25-643 for Applied Mathematics. Another topic, such as Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations, or Statistics, may be substituted for one of the above by petition to the graduate committee based on two graduate level courses and supported by a faculty member.

Applied Mathematics

1.  Electives from the Applied Mathematics Courses  (9 Hours)

2.  Electives from Pure Mathematics and/or Applied Mathematics and/or Graduate level courses with the approval of the student’s advisor. (6 Hours)

Total: 15 Hours

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