Health Professions Concentration

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The Health Professions track of the BS degree in Biological Sciences offers complete preparation for medical, dental, pharmacy, and veterinary schools, as well as other careers in health care. The program’s coursework includes a full range of pre-professional foundational subject matter, including

  • core biology courses
  • anatomy
  • physiology
  • organic chemistry
  • biochemistry
  • physics
  • neuroscience
  • immunology
  • pharmacology
  • mathematics
  • writing, critical thinking, and communication of scientific concepts

Delaware State’s biology department goes out of its way to provide its undergraduates with opportunities to perform hands-on lab work and research. These activities enable students to build up their credentials for medical or other professional schools, or to gain valuable experience that prepares them for careers in medical research, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, product development, and other health-care professions.

Professional Preparation

The demand for doctors and other health care professionals is growing throughout the United States, so graduates of the Health Professions program enjoy a broad array of career options and opportunities. They may go on to become

  • doctors
  • physician assistants
  • pharmacists
  • medical researchers
  • laboratory analysts
  • public health administrators
  • veterinarians
  • dentists
  • college or university faculty


Members of the Delaware State biology faculty are highly committed to undergraduate education. Attentive and accessible, they go out of their way to cultivate students’ interest in biology, research, and the health care professions. Our instructors provide individual attention to each student, acting as mentors and advisors as well as classroom educators. They help students discover their academic strengths and lay solid foundations for graduate school and career development.

Research and Experience

All undergraduates in Delaware State’s biology program are required to complete an independent research project before graduation.. In addition, many choose to play a role on research teams made up of senior faculty and graduate students. Delaware State has active inquiries in such fields as neuroscience, anatomy, physiology, cancer, DNA analysis, and gene manipulation.

When research opportunities arise, undergraduates do more than simply wash test tubes; they play active, often significant roles in the research process. The skills they gain through this experience offer invaluable preparation for advanced degrees and/or health-care careers.