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Message from the Chief of Police

We Are Committed to Serve & Protect

The primary responsibility of the Delaware State University Police Department is to provide a safe environment for our students, faculty, staff and all who work and visit our University; and we solicit your support and active participation in our safety and security efforts. Police Department personnel work closely with federal, state and local enforcement agencies to gather intelligence and resources utilized in proactive policing at Delaware State University. Equally important is the relationship with our community partners who provide diverse resources which aid in the overall mission of the University-Safety.

The Continuing safety initiatives of the Delaware State University Police Department:

  • A progressive highly visible patrol force
  • A mass notification system
  • An expansive Emergency Blue Light System
  • A proactive Crime Prevention program, designed to educate and inform all university personnel on the "best practices" to take to avoid becoming a victim.
  • And a vibrant partnership with various student groups, our staff, and faculty, as well as with Dover Police, Delaware State University Police, and our other law enforcement partners.

Harry W. Downes, Jr.
Chief of Police
Director of Public Safety


The Delaware State University Police Department is committed to providing the highest quality of service to our citizens. Acting in partnership with the community, we will be proactive and provide a responsive and flexible approach to quality-of-life issues.


The Delaware State University Police Department’s vision is “to support the administrative and financial performance of the University and provide a safe and healthy physical plant for students, faculty, staff and the public.” The department’s efforts include preventive measures through education and enforcement, which promote awareness and individual responsibility in an effort to prevent criminal and safety mishaps.

About Police Department

The Delaware State University Police Department employs both sworn and non-sworn officers.  Sworn Delaware State University police officers authority is derived from Delaware Code Title 11 § 1911,  which acknowledges the Delaware State University Police Department sworn officers to be in compliance with the Council of Police Training.  As such, the Department is a legally appointed law enforcement agency whose sworn personnel have all the powers of law enforcement officers generally, including the legal authority to carry and use firearms in defense of the State, as defined in the Delaware Constitution, Article 1, § 20, in the performance of their duties.   Security officers successfully complete the basic security officers training; and both sworn and non-sworn officers attend in-service training annually.

As a community-oriented policing organization, we are committed to a partnership with the community in which we pledge to provide high-quality community policing programs and services. Our mission is to work with all members of the campus and the communities to preserve life, maintain human rights, protect property, and ultimately enhance the quality of life on campus and in the community.

The University Police Department is located on campus in the Public Safety Building which is directly behind the Price Building.

Telephone: 302.857.7911
On-Campus Emergency 4444
24 hour Dispatch: 302.857.7911 

The DSU Police Department currently employs 30 sworn and non-sworn members. This number includes the Chief of Police, Operational officers and Administrative staff.

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Phone: 302.857.7911
On Campus Emergency 4444
Tip Line: 302.857.7918

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