Purchasing to Payment Process

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All purchase transactions must be processed using our Banner System.  The first step  is for departmental and/or budget heads to determine a need to purchase goods or contract for service.  The next steps are:

  1. Verify Budget Availability
  2. Input Requisition into Banner
  3. Requisition Approval
  4. Purchase Order Creation
  5. Purchase Order Approval
  6. Receiving of Goods and/or Services

In order to provide receipt verification and accountability for products purchased on behalf of the University, we request suppliers ship goods directly to Central Receiving.  Central Receiving inspects deliveries for external box damage and prepares receiving record. 


The University payments are processed by the Accounts Payable section with the Accounting Department.  For more information or questions, you may refer to DSU Accounts Payable section of the website or call 302.857.6207.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions