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Accounting and Finance Club - Academic Org of the Year
Gospel Choir - Social Org of the Year
The Curve - New Student Org of the Year
Kappa Alphi Psi Fraternity, Inc. - Fraternity of the Year
Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. - Highest GPA Fraternity of the Year
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. - Sorority of the Year
Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. - Highest GPA Sorority of the Year

  Student Organizations

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Student organizations are where leadership skills may be gained and perfected. They provide students an opportunity to pursue their interests, to explore new interest, to expand cultural competencies, and build social assets. Having membership in a student organizations enables students to build and apply organizational and individual capacities for the public good. At Delaware State University, student organizations and groups are governed by the Delaware State University Student Handbook, Student Organization and Advisor’s Handbook, Judicial Affairs Handbook, and all other DSU policies and procedures that cover conduct on campus.

There are a variety of student organizations at Delaware State University for students to learn and grow as a valuable member of the campus community. Please click here for a list of current registered organizations. You may contact the Office of Student Leadership and Activities for more information on student organizations and membership.



All student organizations must register with the Office of Student Leadership and Activities (OSLA) by September 30th of the fall semester. Student organizations register as a New Student Organization or a Returning Student Organization. For more information, please consult the STUDENT ORGANIZATION AND ADVISOR HANDBOOK.

New Student Organization

New student organizations must fill out the NEW STUDENT ORGANIZATION application form and return it to OSLA by the September 30th registration deadline. Upon submission of the application, the new student organization must have at least five member which will encompass their executive board.

Returning Student Organizations

Returning RSO’s must update their organizational roster and advisor information packet and return it to OSLA by the September 30th deadline. PLEASE NOTE:  No activities are permitted until after the organizational roster and advisor information has been successfully updated.


Membership in student organizations is limited to full-time students, unless otherwise authorized by the OSLA Director or Vice President for Student Affairs.  Membership must be open to all full-time DSU students except for groups where membership is based upon specific skills or achievements (e.g. Departmental Clubs, honor societies, etc.).

Members of student organizations are required to conduct themselves according to the codes of conduct outline in the Student Handbook, Judicial Handbook, and the Student Organization and Advisor’s handbook as well as all other University codes of civility.  Organizations that have members who consistently fail to conform to the DSU codes of conduct risk being suspended from operating on campus.

Students seeking membership into an organization can contact the OSLA personnel for assistance and information at, 302-857-6390, or in the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Center, Suite 325, Monday through Friday, 9:00AM – 4:00PM.


Every student organization must have at least one on-campus advisor selected from the DSU faculty or professional staff in good standing with the University. Advisors are required to attend the Advisor orientation hosted by OSLA and be approved to advise the organization by the Director of OSLA or Vice President for Student Affairs.


On campus, student leaders represent the student body before faculty, administration, staff, and University guests.  Off campus, student leaders represent Delaware State University before the world. Elections for student leaders in the Student Government Association (SGA), Residential Housing Association (RHA), and Campus Activity Board (CAB) are held during the spring semester (typically the beginning of April). Before the elections take place, all candidates vying for positions are required to attend interest meetings and leadership workshops sponsored by OSLA or those authorized by the Vice President for Student Affairs. Students unable to attend the required meetings/workshops must obtain a written approval of absence from the Director of OSLA of Vice President for Student Affairs in order to continue their candidacy.  Students who do not attend required meetings/workshops and do not have an approved absence excuse will not move through the election process toward an elected position.

Each candidate for will be interviewed by the Student Leadership Advisory Council prior to the campaigning and promotion to balloted status.  Interviews will conclude prior to the mandatory campaign workshops. Candidates who are unable to be interviewed will relinquish their candidacy unless they receive written permission from the Vice President for Student Affairs or Director of OSLA that they may continue on through the election process.

Candidates who interview and are selected to attend the mandatory campaign workshop will receive notice of balloted status once the campaign workshops conclude. Those who move on to balloted status are required to complete the campaign mode specific to the role for which they seek candidacy.  Royal Court members will ready themselves for the Royal Court pageant managed by Mr. and Miss DSU as governed by the Mr. and Miss DSU and Royal Court Handbook. Candidates seeking roles in SGA, CAB, and RHA are governed by the election process outlined in their Constitution and By-laws to include (but are not limited to) attending Speech Night, Debate Night, and the Speak Out session prior to election day.

Candidates are required to follow election guidelines on Election Day as presented by OSLA.   Candidates who fail to comply with Election Day guidelines automatically relinquish their candidacy.  Student voting generally decides who wins elected positions with the exception of Mr. and Miss DSU whose roles are guided by the election process outlined in the Mr. and Miss DSU and Royal Court Handbook.  Current student leaders host a new student leader luncheon and installation ceremony for elected student leaders.  The newly elected student leaders swear in with an official oath of office that upholds the Universities policies and procedures and student organization’s Constitution and By-laws.


Hazing is defined as any conduct which subjects another person (whether physically, mentally, emotionally, or psychologically) to anything that may endanger, abuse, degrade or intimidate the person as a condition of membership in an organization, regardless of the person’s consent to the activity. Hazing is not permitted by any student organization member, is illegal in most states, and is against the student code of conduct at Delaware State University.

Organizations found to be in violation of this may lose their status as a recognized student organization of the University.

Individual members of student organizations who are found to be in violation of this policy and/or in violation of the Student Judicial code and may be disciplined in accordance with the University’s disciplinary procedures.

Students/members are encouraged to report hazing incidents and may contact Delaware State University Public Safety at (302) 857-6290 or 7911; Office of Student Leadership and Activities at (302) 857-6390 or; Vice President for Student Affairs at (302) 857-6300; Judicial Affairs at (302) 857-6470. 

For more information on Delaware State University that follows the State of Delaware anti-Hazing Policy, including examples of the behaviors that could be construed as hazing, please consult the Delaware Code, Chapter 93 Anti Hazing Law and Delaware State University Student Handbook.