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Welcome from the Musical Director

Welcome to our celebration of many wonderful years of great music making. The unique aspect of the Delaware State University choral program is the intertwining of many musical styles, presenting them with great distinction, precision and heart. We seek to meld together classical, gospel, sacred, Negro Spirituals, jazz, and secular music styles into a unique musical tapestry. We are proud of this diversity and we celebrate it.

The performing arts are indispensable expressions of our human heritage, having traditionally been the most significant reminder of past civilizations. By studying to become a musician/artists/performer, you will be intrinsically motivated to study that which elevates each of us to our highest achievements.

An audition is required in order to be in the choral ensembles. The audition is a simple one, and most (though not all) who attempt it are successful.

The typical audition (not for scholarships) usually follows the following format:

  1. I will lead through simple warm-up-style vocalizations to determine the range and your ability to sing in tune.
  2. I will clap rhythms and ask you to echo them.
  3. I will play short melodies and ask you to echo them on a neutral syllable.
  4. I will listen to a prepared song you might wish to sing. This item is not required for non-music majors, but I encourage it so that you can show me your best efforts. Also, you basically control this part of the audition. A piano accompanist will be provided, if you wish.
  5. We will discuss the choral program here at Delaware State University, and answer questions of each other as needed.

Whether you are planning to major in music or simply want to participate in the various choral ensembles available on campus, we are confident that your experiences will be rewarding.



Dr. Curtis Everett Powell
Musical Director
Phone: 302.857.6693