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Mass Communications majors Shanae Newman (l) and Kevin Davis are representing DSU with their work ethic at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

  Two DSU Students Work with NBC at the Olympics


Delaware State University is once again making its mark at the World Olympics.

Almost two years after four DSU mass communications students spent an internship working at the Summer Olympics in China, now there are two other students from the same department who are currently assisting with the media production at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The two mass communications students – Kevin P. Davis, a junior television production major, and Shanae M. Newman, a senior broadcast journalism major – are getting valuable real world experience in their chosen professional vocations as a part of the NBC production team at the Olympics.

Mr. Davis is working as a “logger,” in which he will review all of the NBC footage that comes into the International Broadcast Center and assign time codes on them.

“This will give me an insight to the whole spectrum of what NBC is doing at the Olympic,” said Mr. Davis, native of Wichita Falls, Tex. and now a Dover resident. “Even though it is an internship position, it is important to the overall success of the production.”

Ms. Newman will be working with different producers and production team members as a “runner.” The Baltimore native said that she will be there to do whatever is needed to be done.

“I will get to see how the broadcasters prepare before they go on the air,” Ms. Newman said. “I will also get to see how the productions are set up.”

Equally valuable, both said, will be the opportunity to work side by side with the NBC production team members and hopefully develop professional relationships that could be beneficial to their future careers.