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Dr. Harry L. Williams greets U.S. Sen. Ted Kaufman, who stopped by to wish him well on his upcoming presidential tenure that starts on Jan. 10.

  U.S. Sen. Kaufman Visits with Dr. Harry Williams


U.S. Sen. Ted Kaufman (D-Del.) paid DSU President-select Harry L. Williams a visit on Jan. 6 to wish him well as he prepares to assume the top executive post at DSU next week.

Dr. Williams and Sen. Kaufman both share a North Carolina connection, as the DSU president-select was born and raised in the Tar Heel State while the senator graduated from Duke University.

In addition to sharing memories and stories about North Carolina, Dr. Williams and Sen. Kaufman talked about the opportunities for jobs in the STEM areas (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

“The STEM fields is where the future jobs are,” said Sen. Kaufman, who earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering. “DSU has some real interesting things going on (in the STEM disciplines).”

Dr. Williams shared with the senator some of the things the university is doing, such as establishing a STEM Council at DSU for better coordination between disciplines and assisting middle school teachers that teach in those areas.