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Academic Support Center
William C. Jason Library 2nd Floor
Main Office - Room 214
302.857.6385 (phone)
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  Academic Support Center

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A Message from the Director

The Academic Support Center (ASC) is one of the offices within the Division of Academic Enrichment that provides quality academic services and programs that help you become an active and independent learner while pursuing your DSU degree. Our staff is actively engaged and committed to helping every student prepare, advance, and excel in their academic performance by offering the following:

  • Credit-bearing Academic Enrichment Courses
  • Tutorial Center and Drop-In Computer Lab
  • Office of Student Accessibility Services
  • Staying-On-Course Program
  • Supplemental Instruction Program
  • Quantitative Reasoning Center
  • Drop-In Writing Studio

In addition, the ASC works with other offices within the Division to coordinate Summer Bridge programs to ensure a comprehensive first-year experience for freshmen.  No matter where you are in the learning process, you can benefit from the variety of programs and services in the ASC.  Visit the ASC, ask our staff questions, and let us help you realize your academic potential and success from freshmen year unto graduation!

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Academic Support Center Staff

Academic Enrichment Courses

blank Cindy Seto-Friel, Technical/Adjunct Coordinator
 Main Office-Library Room 214

Courses include: Learning Strategies for Academic Success, Reading Lab, and University Seminar. For further information, click here.

Tutoring Center

Jackye Fountain Jackye Fountain, Coordinator
 Library Room 206, Office-Library 206 A

Students may sign up for a personal tutor for courses across the curriculum. Tutors will schedule appointments in the library at the convenience of the student. For further information, click here.

Office of Student Accessibility Services

blank Roberta C. Durrington, Student Accessibility
 Services Coordinator
 Office-Library Room 218

Students with documented learning or physical disabilities may request reasonable accommodations to address their specific needs.  Students, who are struggling with understanding coursework while demonstrating solid effort, may ask for a screening, consultation, and/or referral for an in-depth evaluation.  Students with temporary disabilities may also apply for services. For further information, click here.

Staying-On-Course Program (SOC)

Students on Academic Probation or Readmitted Suspension are required to participate in academic enrichment activities that promote their return to Academic Good Standing. For further information, click here. 

Supplemental Instruction Program (SI)

Anna Cortese, Coordinator
Office-Library Room 213

Supplemental Instruction (SI) offers weekly study sessions to students taking "historically” difficult courses. SI participants meet with their leader and classmates outside of class to discuss challenging concepts and develop study strategies. They develop a better understanding of course content and learn how to effectively test themselves. For further information, click here.

Quantitative Reasoning Center

 Dr. Sharon Smith, Instructional Specialist
 Office-Library Room 212A

The Quantitative Reasoning Center (QRC) provide math assistance to students at DSU.  For further information, click here.

Drop-In Computer Lab 

Jackye Fountain Jackye Fountain, Computer Specialist     
 Library Rooms 205 and 206, Office-Library Room 206A

Students are required to have a current pass code issued by the Academic Computing Office in order to gain access to computers.  The Coordinator serves as a resource for technical assistance, information, and study sessions. For further information, click here.

Drop-In Writing Studio

Jean Gilroy Jean Gilroy, Coordinator     
 Library Room 205, Office-Library Room 207

Students may drop in for assistance with any writing assignment across the curriculum. For further information, click here.








Cassandra Green, Ed.D., Director
William C. Jason Library
Room 214 A & B
302.857.6388 (phone)