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Advisement Center

The College of Business Advisement Center’s mission is to provide academic advisement to students pursuing a degree program in Business during the freshmen and sophomore years. Our professional advisors offer services based on current curriculum requirements to assist students with aligning their academic goals with career opportunities as they transition into graduate studies and the world of work.   

Delaware Center for Enterprise Development (DCED)

The Delaware Center for Enterprise Development (DCED) at Delaware State University has assisted in the development of enterprises since 1992. DCED is the community outreach arm of the College of Business. It provides business training and entrepreneurial education for youth and adults, supports community economic development initiatives and offers one-on-one technical assistance to entrepreneurs. The mission of the Delaware Center for Enterprise Development (DCED) is to educate current and prospective entrepreneurs and enterprise managers through training programs, technical and managerial assistance and by providing access to capital.