Daily Crime Log

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Date/Time Occurred Case# Location Classification Narrative Disposition
10/06/2015 - 11:54pm S4-15-000451 Warren Franklin Larceny A female is blaming her roommate for allegedly stealing her property. The investigation does not reveal the suspect is the roommate at this time. This case is currently pending inactive. Pending Inactive
10/06/2015 - 11:49pm s4-15-000449 MLK Theft This theft of a wallet, proved to not be a theft. The subject found her wallet fully intact, with all her contents inside. Unfounded
10/05/2015 - 1:13pm S4-15-000447 unknown location on the DSU campus Threaten Bodily Harm A female athlete was allegedly threatened by another DSU athlete. The investigation proved that there was no credible threat to the student/athlete. Unfounded
10/03/2015 - 5:43pm S4-15-000443 BANK OF AMERICA BUILDING Threatening bodily harm Three students made a complaint about a professor's demeanor and possible verbal threats toward a student. The investigation proved unfounded at this time. Unfounded
10/01/2015 - 2:07pm S4-15-000434 Conrad Hall Larceny A female student left her book bag behind after leaving Conrad Hall. There are currently no suspects in this crime. Pending Inactive
09/28/2015 - 9:21pm S4-15-000429 MLK Criminal Trespassing A subject that had trespassed on the DSU campus was chased, but fled and escaped capture. An active warrant is pending for the subject. Pending Active/Follow-Up
09/25/2015 - 10:57pm S4-15-000427 UCY Bldg 2 Aggravated Assault A DSU male student had just exited a UCY apartment when he was shot by in the thigh an unknown male. The motive of this shooting is still pending. The investigation is still pending active. Pending Active/Follow-Up
09/25/2015 - 3:29pm S4-15-000426 DSU parking lot #16 Drug Abuse Violations A DSU police officer conducted a motor vehicle stop in which the passenger/student was in possession of a small amount of marijuana. The subject was issued a judicial infraction. Judicial
09/25/2015 - 3:29pm S4-15-000425 DSU parking lot #16 Local Fugitive A DSU Police Officer discovered a subject (non-student) to have an outstanding capias. The subject was arrested without incident and transported to Magistrate court. Exceptionally Clear/Prosecution Declined
09/24/2015 - 8:30am S4-15-000423 DSU Parking Lot #8 PROPERT DAMAGE ACCIDENT HIT & RUN A student reported that she had discovered fresh damage to the front driver side bumper of her vehicle, after properly parking the vehicle in a proper parking space on the campus. There are no suspects in this Hit & Run accident. Pending Inactive
09/22/2015 - 5:22pm S4-15-000421 MLK Larceny A female student had ordered merchandise via a website. The products were shipped, but received by another student. This case is Pending Active, while the officer makes contact with the post office and views the camera at that location. Pending Active/Follow-Up
09/21/2015 - 12:05pm S4-15-000415 unknown location on campus Larceny This is a late reported theft that had occurred at least one week ago. The male student reports that on or before 14 September 2015, he had lost his black in color wallet. The student is unclear as to where on the DSU campus he may have lost the wallet, and that he checked numerous locations on the DSU campus for his wallet, but was unable to find it anywhere. There are no known suspects in this theft of lost/mislaid property. Pending Inactive
09/20/2015 - 6:56pm S4-15-000414 UCY Bldg 2 Domestic Violence (Physical) A female student was physically assaulted by a male student. This investigation is Pending Active. Pending Active/Follow-Up
09/20/2015 - 6:00pm S4-15-000413 Jason Library Larceny A student reports that his bicycle was stolen outside of the Jason Library. This investigation is Pending Active. Pending Active/Follow-Up
09/20/2015 - 5:27pm S4-15-000412 DSU Parking Lot #24 Criminal Mischief Student reports Criminal Mischief to his motor vehicle. This investigation is Pending Active Pending Active/Follow-Up
09/20/2015 - 3:13pm S4-15-000411 Conrad Hall Larceny Student's book bag missing at Conrad Hall. This investigation is Pending Active Pending Active/Follow-Up
09/18/2015 - 10:45am S4-15-000408 Evers Hall Forcible Sex Offense This investigation is Pending Active Pending Active/Follow-Up
09/17/2015 - 1:38pm S4-15-000406 UCY Bldg 3 Criminal Mischief A worker reported that his vehicle had been vandalized by an unknown subject. The victim suspects his ex-girlfriend. The officer viewed the video cameras, but was currently unsuccessful with gaining a suspect in this crime. Pending Inactive
09/16/2015 - 10:00pm S4-15-000404 Inside of Welcome Center gate Drug Abuse Violations A subject was detained at the DSU Welcome Center gate due to a strong odor of marijuana emitting from the vehicle,. A subsequent search revealed three glassine baggies containing marijuana. The non-student was arrested and additionally issued a Notice of Trespass. Cleared by Arrest
09/17/2015 - 8:18pm S4-15-000403 off campus location Coercion A male coerced a female student into giving him naked photographs of her. The suspect later posted the naked photos on a social media website. The subject is from out of state, which is where the crime originated. This investigation is pending active, but it may be turned over to the local police department where the suspects resides, for jurisdictional purposes. Pending Active/Follow-Up
09/17/2015 - 8:14pm S4-15-000402 UCY Bldg 3 Drug Abuse Violations A student was discovered having a bong in his apartment. The student will be issued a judicial infraction for having drug paraphernalia. Judicial
09/15/2015 - 5:06pm S4-15-000401 campus Forcible Sex Offense Pending Active/Follow-Up
09/15/2015 - 2:55pm S4-15-000400 L L Commons Larceny Officer investigated a domestic related offensive touching and theft. The male student was arrested on the charges and on an additional capias. Cleared by Arrest
09/17/2015 - 7:30pm S4-15-000398 MLK Larceny A female student had left her wallet and keys behind in a classroom in the Mishoe Science Center. The victim reported that two transactions were made in the MLK Student Center eatery. The officer investigating this crime, checked video footage, and observed a female utilizing the victim's credit card at the local eatery in the MLK Student Center. This investigation is Pending Active. Pending Active/Follow-Up
09/17/2015 - 7:12pm S4-15-000397 Evers Hall Larceny A male student alleges that an unknown subject had removed his keys from his room and had taken his motor vehicle. The officer investigated this, and determined that another police agency had actually towed the vehicle from another location due to drugs being inside of the vehicle. One student that had fled the area was the victim's roommate. It appears that the vehicle had never been stolen. The student will be issued a Judicial Infraction. Judicial