Study Abroad Programs

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We’re not in Antarctica—not yet. But DSU has student exchange programs on every other continent in the world, in countries ranging from France to Namibia to New Zealand.

Current opportunities include:

  • A 14-year exchange program with Mexico’s Centro de Idiomas (Center of Languages) in the Yucatan, which allows DSU foreign language students to engage in advanced Spanish language studies in Mexico and brings Mexican students to DSU
  • Researching political and economic structures in Namibia, Africa as well as cultural heritage preservation in South Africa
  • Earning credits with DSU’s School of Management by studying for a semester or summer in Spain, Greece and France

Other overseas opportunities are in the works:

  • a field school in Jamaica
  • an exchange program with Cuba
  • teaching and research exchanges with a university in Egypt

Actually, DSU’s global studies begin right here at home, with an internationalized curriculum. The Global Societies Program is an introduction to world economics, politics, and cultures. Courses include World Regional Geography, International Economics and Trade, International Politics, and Politics in Developing Nations. Language offerings include French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Kiswahili, and Arabic.

These exciting studies lay the groundwork for overseas travel and academic pursuits in the Study Abroad program.