English Education

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As America becomes more diverse, there’s a growing need for English teachers trained in multicultural education, including English as a Second Language (ESL). Delaware State’s English Education program emphasizes the specialized knowledge and skills that multicultural educators need. Students gain hands-on teaching experience and participate in research. Job prospects are very bright in this important niche — most of our students have jobs waiting for them upon graduation.

Professional Preparation

This interdisciplinary program fulfills all requirements for State of Delaware teacher certification; graduates are fully licensed. It prepares teachers to work with students of all ages, from a wide range of cultural and language backgrounds. Students will
  • Work as a student teacher in a real-world classroom for 12 weeks
  • Participate in research projects related to bilingual and bicultural children
  • Take required courses in the English, Education, and Psychology departments
English Education courses are open to students from other majors who want to prepare for teacher certification, as well as certified teachers who would like to take Content Knowledge courses.


Most professors in the English Education department began their careers as certified teachers, so they possess real-world classroom experience in addition to academic expertise. This perspective, combined with Delaware State’s small class sizes, enables faculty to offer one-on-one mentorship and guidance. They develop personal relationships with their students, offering lessons that go far beyond textbooks and lectures.

Research and Experience

The English Education major requires several hundred hours of direct classroom observation and student teaching. In addition, students have the opportunity to participate in research studies focused on subjects such as literacy, ESL, multicultural education, the teaching of reading, and teacher training.