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Delaware State’s unique French major focuses on the global reach of the language. In addition to mastering French in classroom setting, students take courses overseas in Delaware State’s outstanding study-abroad program, spending up to 6 months in countries as varied as France, Senegal, Mauritania, China, and Mexico. With its emphasis on cultural diversity, this program provides a foundation for numerous types of careers in the global village of the 21st century.

Professional Prep

All French majors take required courses in translation, business, world literature, and global societies. In addition, students can build professional skills via a field placement as a French teacher, or by studying abroad. Many students become fluent in Fulani, Chinese, Spanish, or another language in addition to French. This broad base of language and cultural skills prepares students for a range of professional opportunities in teaching, diplomacy, interpreting, international business, and other fields.


Faculty in the French department have a long list of research and publishing credits. They also represent a diverse range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds, providing a broad global perspective. Intimate class sizes enable professors to provide students with personal advice, encouragement, and mentorship throughout the undergraduate years and even after graduation.

Research and Experience

Delaware State has study-abroad relationships on four continents, providing students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in foreign cultures and languages. Overseas study usually occurs in the senior year. In addition, students can apply for field placements (in the United States or overseas) as French teachers, gaining valuable work experience while earning credit.