Cooperative Education

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Cooperative Education is a program in which students combine formal academic study with periods of practical work experience in business, industry, government or service organizations. It offers students with defined career objectives the forum to develop expertise and sharpen skill-sets in their field of study. For students who have not made a career choice, Cooperative Education provides an opportunity to explore options. For employers, it produces an opportunity to observe prospective future employees and influence the direction of higher education.

Students who have satisfactorily completed 45 credits may participate in the program. Those who complete the program with a passing grade will be awarded academic credit from the University. All work assignments must have prior approval from the chairperson of the student's academic department and the Cooperative Education official.

Cooperative Education is a voluntary program open to all students. For more information, students may contact the Career Services office located in the MLK Student Center, Suite 333, or call 302.857.6120.

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