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Teacher preparation is an historically rooted pursuit at DSU, wherein a high emphasis is placed on producing excellent educators. This serves as unmistakable indication of the University's institutional understanding of the great need for teachers in our society. Education students are prepared to navigate the challenges presented by federal and State requirements and leave DSU to become highly qualified and competent teachers. 

Current Education majors receive hands-on in school experiences in early field placements with partner schools, including at the Delaware State University Caesar Rodney Transition Partnership Project on campus, and the Early Childhood Lab School, which serves infants and toddlers through kindergarten. 

In addition, new educational leadership master’s and doctoral degree programs have been established to produce the next generation of creative and highly skilled school administrators. The Masters and Doctorate of Education programs with a concentration in educational leadership are designed for the development and certification of educational leaders in private and public K–12 systems, higher education programs, and state, national and international educational organizations.

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Department of Education
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Department Chair

Dr. Robert Martin, Ed.D.
Acting Chairperson

Dr. N. K. Rathee 
Acting Director, Graduate Program

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