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  Department of Public and Allied Health Sciences

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The Department of Public and Allied Health Sciences is a unique interdisciplinary department that prepares students for a wide variety of careers, graduate education, and professional health education. The Department is composed of two unique, yet related majors; Movement Science and Health Promotion. Regardless of the selected major and concentration, students must complete the General Education Program as required of all University students (See General Education Requirements).

Updated Curriculums

For Fall 2015, the Movement Science curriculums have been changed to align course objectives with the American College of Sports Medicine Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities.  In addition, there has been an increase in the number of open electives to allow students in Health and Exercise Science to declare an elective and to all students in Pre-Health Professional to take additional prerequisites for graduate school.  To review the new curriculum guides, click here:


Consistent with the University’s Mission and Goals, the Mission of the Department of Public and Allied Health Sciences, is to prepare undergraduates for careers and graduate education in movement/exercise science, kinesiology, human performance, allied health disciplines, public health and community health.

Graduates of these majors are provided with theoretical, laboratory, research, service learning, clinical, and community service opportunities to advance knowledge, ethical practice and service in future endeavors. The department provides the potential for current and meaningful interaction among its constituents, the campus community and the community at-large through the use of educational and research methodologies, service learning, and community service activities.

Moreover, the Department promotes and provides programs which seek to remedy current under-representation of minorities in allied health, fitness and wellness, exercise/movement science, kinesiological, allied health, community health and public health professions. The Department is dedicated to meeting the educational and professional preparation needs of individuals who plan to interface with the diverse and ever-changing society of the 21st century.

Departmental Philosophy

The philosophy of the Department of Public and Allied Health Sciences is to develop effective and ethical practitioners, clinicians, and researchers who possess comprehensive content knowledge, practice and ethical behaviors; utilize appropriate assessment procedures and techniques; demonstrate effective interpersonal communication skills; display the ability to problem solve and develop strategies for successful outcomes; employ technology in a variety of settings; and apply successful strategies through proven models of research, best practices, and service.

Department's Beliefs

The faculty believes that every major in the Department should have access to a program of high quality that prepares its constituents for careers in the fitness and wellness industry and post graduate education in movement/exercise science, kinesiology, human performance, allied health disciplines, community health, and public health disciplines. In addition, the faculty believes that every graduate should:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in the content area in which he or she elects to specialize.
  • Provide evidence of professional and ethical disposition and a broad spectrum of instructional knowledge, skills, and values.
  • Exhibit the ability to work effectively within our nationally and internationally diverse society.
  • Display a wide range of communication skills, including writing, speaking, and listening.
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply knowledge, skills, and values by engaging in critical thinking and problem solving activities and critical analysis for successful outcomes.
  • Provide evidence of the ability to translate research findings into meaningful practical applications.
  • Exhibit technological and information literacy, conduct literature searches and use technology for the advancement of knowledge, practice, and service.
  • Display an understanding that their selected interdisciplinary discipline is a dynamic process, which is knowledge-based, comprehensive and continuous, and requires discourse among colleagues.

Educational Policy

The Department of Public and Allied Health Sciences faculty of Delaware State University models instruction, experiences, service learning, and community engagement, and utilizes “Best Practices” in its delivery of instruction. Thus, Movement Science students are actively engaged in lecture, laboratory experiences, and campus and community service activities, and faculty-directed student research, all of which embrace the concerns of a diverse, changing global society. Health Promotion classes actively engage students through program planning, implementation, and assessment, research activities, observation and fieldwork, practicum, and internships. Problem solving activities provide students with the opportunity to explore real life situations, which present opportunities to develop skills to adapt to new problems and issues. The Department provides equipment, facilities, experiences, and instruction to facilitate optimal learning and community engagement.


Department of Public & Allied Health Sciences
Price Building, Room 103
1200 North DuPont Highway
Dover, DE 19901


Monday - Friday 8:30 am- 4:30 pm

Faculty/ Staff Profile

Department Chair

Dr. Erica Taylor  
Price 103

Associate Professor

Dr. Sangeeta Gupta

Dr. Sangeeta Gupta
Price 202C

Assistant Professors

Dr. Cara Cordrey Gomez
Dr. Cara Gomez
Price 101

Dr. Adam Kuperavage
Price 107

Dr. R. Christopher Mason
Price 105B


Ms. Amy Goote-Ash 
Price 202A

Ms. Megan Maloney
Ms. Megan Maloney
Price 105A

Ms. Julia Olsen
Ms. Julia Olsen
Price 108

Dr. Knolan Rawlins
Price 104

Professional Staff

Ms. Angela Shorter
Coordinator, Lifetime Fitness & Wellness
Memorial Hall 107

Mr. Adam Swartzendruber
Mr. Adam Swartzendruber
Program Manager
Memorial Hall 102


Mrs. Susan Kelly
Mrs. Susan Kelly
Technical Secretary
Price 103