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U.S. Sen. Chris Coons and DSU President Harry L. Williams discuss the DSU research on display during the Oct. 18 DSU in Motion showcase on Capitol Hill in the nation's capital.


Yatta Kiazolu, who plans to go to law school to become an immigration and human rights attorney, focused her winning speech on the need to extend educational opportunities to undocumented immigrant youths.

The Vietnamese graduates of the DSU MBA Program celebrate their graduation at the Sept. 23 Commencement there. Seated in the 1st row: Dr. Nanda Viswanathan, DSU assoc. professor of management; DSU President Harry L. Williams; Nguyen Viet Anh, VNU ETC vice director; Amir Mohammadi, DSU exec. V.P. of Business & Admin.; Kishor C. Sheth, DSU MBA program director; Tony Sanichar, VNU professor; and Dr. Fengshan Liu, DSU assistant vice president of International Affairs.


If established, it wouldn't be the first time a secondary school was based on campus. Between the 1920s and early 1950s, the current Health Center building served as the only high school in Kent County for blacks. Another facility would be used for the Charter School if it is established.         


Not one to rush off after she spoke to an DSU audience of 200 on Oct. 4, Donna Brazile graciously remained for a bit afterwards to meet some of the University's students, faculty and administrators and pose for some photos with them. She is seen here (7th from the left int he beige outfit) with SGA students.

DSU's Dr. Kevina Vulinec carries out her Fulbright-funded research with a Brazilian scientist during her trip to the South American country last spring.


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