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  Earn a Masters in Social Work in One Year with Advanced Standing!

Students who have graduated from a BSW degree program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) may apply for consideration for “Advanced Standing Status.”

The criteria for advanced standing status are as follows:
  1. A bachelor’s degree in social work from a CSWE accredited program. The degree must have been received within the last five (5) years prior to enrollment in the MSW Program.
  2. An overall cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 and at least a “B” or better in all social work foundation courses in the undergraduate program. The foundation courses include Human Behavior and the Social Environment I & II, Social Welfare Policy I & II, Social Work Research Methods I & II, and Practice I & II.
  3. A minimum of “B” in undergraduate field placement.
  4. In addition to the standard application packet, applicants for advanced standing must submit:
    1. A recommendation from the Chair of their undergraduate program supporting acceptance of the student directly into the second year of the Master’s Program, as one of the three reference letters required.
    2. Descriptions and evaluations of the undergraduate field work experience.
Note: All students admitted to the “Advanced Standing Program” must attend the advanced standing seminar the summer prior to admission. Applicants may be requested to submit social work course descriptions and/or syllabi. Admission to the Advanced Standing Program is honored only for the year offered. If applicants do not execute the offer in the year it is made, they must re-apply. The offer cannot be deferred.
Advanced Credits
Applicants who have graduated from a Bachelor of Social Work Degree Program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education may receive up to a maximum of eighteen (18) credits applied towards the MSW degree at the time of admission, if they meet the requirements for regular status. However, they must have a B or better in all foundation courses for which credit will be given.

Click here to view the Masters in Social Work (MSW) program information guidebook.