Daily Crime Log

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Date/Time Occurred Case# Location Classification Narrative Disposition
09/06/2015 - 2:32am S4-15-000379 Warren Franklin Drug Abuse Violations Officer responded to the Warren Franklin Dormitory for a report of the odor of marijuana. Contact was made in the dormitory room with a student and non-student. The officer conducted a terry search on both mentioned persons. The officer observed two marijuana blunts, and a small glassine baggy consisting of a green leafy substance that later tested positive for marijuana. The subject was arrested without incident. The subject was additionally issued a DSU Notice of Trespass. Cleared by Arrest
09/05/2015 - 2:48pm S4-15-000378 UV3 Domestic Violence (Physical) A female student was involved in a physical domestic situation with her boyfriend. The female pushed and struck the boyfriend, with the male pushing away the female. The female does not wish any prosecution at this time, and additionally has been advised to go to the DSU counseling office. Exceptionally Clear/No Victim Cooperation
09/04/2015 - 8:18pm S4-15-000376 UV1 Larceny A female student reports leaving her black book bag in an apartment. Upon her return to retrieve it, she looked inside and noticed that her iPhone wallet case was missing. She additionally reports that she had $50.00 USC, a Delaware Driver's License, a social security card, a Highmark health benefits card, a blue American Spirit credit card, a black and orange PNC bank card. This investigation is pending. Pending Active/Follow-Up
09/04/2015 - 1:08pm S4-15-000375 Education & Humanities building Larceny A student reported that his loaned robot was missing from the Education & Humanities building after a class. There are currently no suspects in this theft. Pending Inactive
09/02/2015 - 7:08pm S4-15-000373 L L Commons Notice of Trespass Officers received a call that Chief Harry W. Downes Jr. requested assistance with a subject at the LLC. Officers made contact with a non student, who had been deceptive and not forthcoming to Chief Downes. The subject was ultimately issued a Notice of Trespass and was observed vacating the LLC property driving a light green Toyota Avalon bearing DE 26807. Exceptionally Clear/Prosecution Declined
09/03/2015 - 8:28pm S4-15-000372 Delaware Hall room #118 Criminal Mischief A DSU staff member reports that it appeared that her doorknob and lock had been tampered with at on this reporting date between the hours of 1500-17100 hrs. Access had not been made into the office. The officers observed scrape and gouge marks to the lock itself. There are no cameras in this area. The investigation is pending inactive until such time more investigative leads surface. Pending Inactive
09/01/2015 - 5:00pm S4-15-000371 Jason Library Disorderly Conduct Officers responded to the Jason Library for a report of a disorderly male. Upon their arrival, the officers made contact with a subject and determined that there was an outstanding capias for him. The subject was arrested without incident, arraigned at magistrate court #7 and released. The subject was additionally issued a Notice of Trespass, disallowing him back onto any property belonging to Delaware State University. Exceptionally Clear/Prosecution Declined
09/01/2015 - 5:31pm S4-15-000370 MLK Larceny it is reported that an Aramark employee may be stealing cash from the proceeds of the day. This investigation is pending active. Pending Active/Follow-Up
08/31/2015 - 8:48pm S4-15-000369 Evers Hall Simple Assault An officer responded to a fight involving two females in Evers Hall dormitory. Upon arrival the officer discovered that the females had already been separated. The females had been physically fighting about a roommate. The females will be issued a single judicial infraction for disorderly conduct. Judicial
08/31/2015 - 2:36pm S4-15-000368 DSU parking lot #1 Larceny A female student left her cell phone in her vehicle over night. In the morning, she discovered it missing. A suspect texted the victim's mother and advised the mother that the cell phone could be purchased for $150.00 A suspect has been identified. This investigation is pending active. Pending Active/Follow-Up
08/31/2015 - 2:30pm S4-15-000367 DSU parking lot #1 Larceny A student mistakenly entered a vehicle that was similar to his. Exiting the vehicle, the student inadvertently left his cell phone in the vehicle. The owner of the vehicle was eventually contacted and returned the cell phone the following day. There is no theft. Unfounded
08/31/2015 - 2:11pm S4-15-000366 UV1 Larceny A male student reported that his cell phone had been stolen, while attending an unauthorized party in the University Village Apartment. There are no known suspects in this theft, and it is currently unclear as to how many subjects attended this party. Some of the guests wee not known by most students who attended the party. Pending Inactive
08/30/2015 - 11:54pm S4-15-000364 College Road across from the UCY apartment complex Weapon Possession As an officer was canvassing the surrounding area adjacent to the UCY complex, he made contact with a BM that fit the description of a robbery suspect. Upon initial contact, the officer observed what appeared to be a bulge in the subject's waistband area. The officer, believing that this was a weapon, grabbed onto the weapon and the subject and ultimately handcuffed the subject. The weapon was not involved in the earlier robbery. The subject was arrested and charged with felony possession of a concealed weapon. Cleared by Arrest
08/30/2015 - 9:11pm S4-15-000363 Tubman Hall Robbery Officers responded to Laws Hall for the report of a Robbery that had recently occurred involving a handgun. The male DSU student/victim had sustained minor injuries to his left cheek area. The victim reported walking along the sidewalk area between Laws Hall and Tubman Hall to bring a female friend some food from a nearby restaurant. As he walked, he was approached by two BMs. One subject started asking him questions about school, then displayed a black colored handgun. It is unclear if the victim was punched or struck with the weapon causing his injury. The victim refused any medical assistance and refused transport by emergency EMS personnel. An emergency alert was placed shortly after the officers interviewed the victim. This investigation is on-going. Pending Active/Follow-Up
08/30/2015 - 1:30am S4-15-000362 UV1 Disorderly Conduct While officers were conducting a building check of the University Village, officers observed two male subjects engaged in a physical altercation. The two officers were successful in separating the subjects, and with the assistance of two additional officers, detained the subjects. No physical injuries were observed and medical attention was denied by each suspect. A DELJIS check was performed and one subject was determined to have an outstanding capias. The subject was arrested without incident. Exceptionally Clear/Prosecution Declined
08/29/2015 - 12:09am S4-15-000360 Memorial Hall Disorderly Conduct While working at a DSU sanctioned event, staff members advised that they smelled a moderate odor of alcohol coming from a female student. The female became verbally abusive, refusing to leave her friends. The female was, and issued a single Judicial Infraction for disorderly conduct, offensive touching, consumption of alcohol, and refusal to obey/comply with a police command. Judicial
08/28/2015 - 9:05pm S4-15-000359 MLK Disorderly Conduct Officers were outside of the MLK Student Center when they heard the report of a possible gunshot inside of the MLK. All officers responded through the fleeing crowd, and eventually discovered that the report was a firecracker that had been lit inside of the MLK near the eateries. Investigation has developed one suspect, who is an active DSU male student. The student has been issued Judicial Infractions and will eventually arrested for this incident. Pending Active/Follow-Up
08/28/2015 - 2:52pm S4-15-000357 Early College High School Larceny A juvenile female at the ECHS inadvertently dropped her cell phone iPhone, which was picked up by one of three possible suspects. All three suspects denied having possession of the cell phone. Currently there are no investigative leads in this theft. Pending Inactive
08/22/2015 - 11:00pm S4-15-000353 Tubman Hall Offensive Touching A group of males either intoxicated and or under the influence of marijuana grabbed a female student's waist and hand, attempted to ask her to stay within the group instead of leaving for her dormitory room. Another female DSU student was similarly accosted. There is currently no definitive description of the males in this group that offensively grabbed the females. Pending Inactive
08/26/2015 - 4:25pm S4-15-000351 MLK Breach of Release A non student was observed on the DSU property after being issued a notice of trespass. The subject fled when officers observed in a DSU building. The officer will construct a warrant for the criminal trespassing. Pending Active/Follow-Up
08/26/2015 - 6:02pm S4-15-000350 MLK Larceny A non student reported that he had left his Verizon hot spot Wi-Fi on a ledge in the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Center. There are presently no suspects in this theft. Pending Inactive
08/25/2015 - 2:10am S4-15-000345 UCY Bldg 7 Aggravated Assault While conducting a property check of the UCY building #7, officers smelled a strong odor of what they believed to be marijuana. Gaining access into the apartment, officers attempted to make contact with one BM who ran out of the apartment onto the balcony. The officers caught up with the subject after ordering him to stop, and after a brief struggle, arrested the subject. Cleared by Arrest
08/24/2015 - 1:16pm S4-15-000344 DSU campus Harassment A student's ex-boyfriend has been harassing her on and off campus since the end of their relationship in March 2015. Pending Inactive
08/23/2015 - 2:18am s4-15-000341 UCY Bldg 4 Liquor Law Violations Student discovered to have consumed an alcoholic beverage while being underage. Subject issued a single judicial infraction. Judicial
08/23/2015 - 1:10am S4-15-000340 UV2 Liquor Law Violations Student found unconscious in the University Village Apartment stairwell. Ambulance summoned, and transported subject to hospital. Subject issued a single judicial infraction for alcohol consumption while underage. Judicial