Faculty Research

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Mayo, Dr. Cynthia R.
Associate Professor
Department of Business Administration
Leadership Development, Assessment, Guests Expectations, Pricing of Services and Products
McCallister, Dr. Rick
Assistant Professor
Department of English and Foreign Languages
Latin American Poetry, Central American Literature, Film
McIntosh, Dr. Dennis M
Associate Research Professor and Extension Specialist
Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Aquaculture Freshwater and marine aquaculture; water quality; integrated aquaculture/agriculture systems; aquaculture effluents; recirculation technology; sex ratio manipulation
McIntosh, Dr. William J
Department of Education
Effective college science teaching; Curriculum development.
Melikechi, Dr. Noureddine
Department of Physics & Pre-Engineering
Optics and laser spectroscopy.
Mennella, Dr. Thomas A.
Assistant Professor
Department of Biological Sciences
My lab studies the regulation of transcription in eukaryotic cells.
Metzendorf, Dr. Diane
Assistant Professor
Department of Social Work
Women Issues (Violence Against Women)
Morrison, Mabel R.
Associate Professor
Department of Art
The research, artistic, and musical creations are rendered to authenticate music as an academic discipline and to share the beauty of great classical masterpieces with students, academic scholars, and the general population.
Murgia, Dr. Carla J.
Associate Professor
Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice
Etiology & Intervention Training Effects - Musculoskeletal Injury in Elite Adolescent Athletes; Strength & Proprioception Training Effects in Mature Populations; Training Effects on Childhood Obesity; Internet Global Resource Sharing.