Student Health Insurance

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Due to the federally mandated health care law, the Affordable Care Act, individuals must have health insurance coverage. DSU is providing access to a cost-effective insurance plan through AIG that meets the minimum requirements for colleges offering student health insurance. All full-time undergraduate students are automatically billed for the plan at a cost of $377 per semester.

There are two options students must choose from by September 15, 2016, in order to receive credit or activate coverage.

OPTION 1: If already insured, waive the University’s student health insurance plan

Students who already have insurance coverage that meets the federal requirements – including those under the age of 26 who are enrolled in their parents’ plan – can opt out of the University’s student health insurance plan by completing an online waiver form by September 15, 2016. Once your insurance waiver is verified by AIG insurance company, the University will update your student account to reflect the waiver and a credit will be issued. Students are encouraged to complete the waiver before the deadline so that student health insurance plan charges can be removed from your student account upon verification. Students who do not waive out of the plan by September 15 will not be reimbursed the $377 charged to their student account.


OPTION 2:  If not sufficiently insured, enroll in DSU’s student health insurance plan

Full-time students without health insurance, or enough insurance coverage that meets the federal requirements, must go online by September 15, 2016, to to activate your coverage and receive your insurance ID card. To use the insurance prior to September 15, you must go online and activate your coverage.

Fall semester coverage is August 1, 2016, through January 12, 2017. Spring semester coverage is January 13, 2017, through August 1, 2017.