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Apply for Fall Semester…Feb 1

Apply for Spring Semester…Nov 1

Apply for Financial Aid…Mar 17

Review your Student Aid Report

Complete Master Promissory


Note for Stafford loans


Parent PLUS loans & Alternative loans…June 1

Check Scholarship Eligibility

Get your Acceptance Letter

Confirm your Acceptance

Register for Orientation…July 28

Register for Housing…May 31

Return Health Form…July 15

Register for Classes

Arrive for Classes…Aug 25


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You dream of doing amazing things with your life. Whether you’re enrolling in college for the first time, transferring from another college, or returning after several years, DSU offers new students the support and guidance necessary to achieve their goals. We offer challenging academic programs led by knowledgeable faculty. But your experience doesn’t end once you leave the classroom. DSU offers a wide variety of extra-curricular and volunteer opportunities to enrich and balance your college experience. Begin your journey at DSU towards a career that is personally and professionally rewarding.