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Delaware State University offers summer camps for youth in sports, business, aviation, robotics and more! 

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Summer 2015

Aviation | Business and Finance Science | Sports | Youth Enrichment

Aviation Camps

The Aviation Career Education (ACE) Academy | Grades 9-12 | June 22-26 | 8 a.m.  5 p.m.

The ACE Academy at Delaware State University is a program designed to offer an introduction to the aviation industry and aviation careers to middle and high school students. The goal is to provide an opportunity that will provide insight and hands-on experience for students to learn the history of aviation, fundamentals of aerodynamics, the role of government in aviation, pioneers in aviation, and the many careers available in the aviation industry. Students will participate in many engaging activities: model aircraft building; introductory orientation flights; visits to aviation museums; FAA and air traffic control facilities; air shows (if available); aviation speaker forums; and field trips to military and commercial facilities. The Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals ACE Academy is a nationally recognized program co-sponsored by the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Black Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees.

Contact: Steve Speed | 302.857.6712 | Cost $20.00

Business and Finance Camps

Camp Wall Street 101 Grades 9-12 | August 3-7 | 9 a.m.  3 p.m.

Camp Wall Street 101 at Delaware State University is a day camp for students entering grades 9-12 with an interest in finance and the stock market. The camp will be held primarily in the state-of-the-art Financial Network Trading Room. Students will learn the basics about financial management from financial professionals. The camp includes a field trip to enhance their experience. Participants will compete for prizes and awards. DSU's Financial Network Trading Room replicates a real-world trading experience and functions as a laboratory and classroom. Participants will compete for prizes and awards. Transportation will be provided. Some scholarships are available. Lunch and snacks provided daily. This program is sponsored by Bank of America.

Contact: Lillie Crawford | 302.857.6954 | Cost $100 | Brochure and registration information

Junior Entrepreneurs in Training (JET) program Grades 6-9 | July 20-31 |  9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Does your young person have an idea but is not sure how to make it a reality? Does he or she want to know what it takes to operate a business? The JET Program at Delaware State University teaches entrepreneurship to youth in a fun and exciting summer camp. Students in the JET Program will participate in exercises to spark their creativity; participate in hands-on activities; act upon a dream and be their own boss; learn how to think like an entrepreneur; and create a business plan all while making new friends and having fun! Participants will also take part in a business plan competition with prizes and awards.

Contact: Lillie Crawford | 302.857.6954 | Cost $150 (includes lunch and snacks; partial scholarships available)

Science Camps

OSCAR Summer High School Student Research Program  |  Grades 11-12 | June 8 – July 31  | 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

The OSCAR Summer Research Program at Delaware State University is an eight-week program in which students are mentored by faculty, graduate and undergraduate student researchers from Physics and Engineering, Mathematics, Chemistry and Computer Science. During the program, students will conduct research in various OSCAR laboratories, and at the end of the program they will present their research at the Annual Delaware State University Summer Research Symposium.

Participants in the summer program will receive a stipend of $1,500.00 for working 35 hours per week for the eight-week duration of the program. Accommodations will be made for students who are not out of school on June 8.

Students applying to the program must have an interest in physics, engineering, mathematics, computer science, information technology or chemistry, a 3.0 GPA or higher and be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

Application Deadline: March 22, 2015 | Jacquelyn Jones | 302.857.6650 |  Visit for more information

(STARS) Science and Technology Academy for Residence Scholars Grade 10-12 | July 12 - July 25

The Science and Technology Academy for Residence Scholars is a two week residential enrichment program on the campus of Delaware State University for rising 10th-12th grade high school students. The STARS program is designed to stimulate and extend the interest of high school students with a GPA average of B or above in the fields of mathematics, science and information technology. The science labs, computer labs and classrooms at DSU will be the setting for small group, hands-on activities in Mathematics, Science, Information Technology, English and SAT preparation. The majority of STARS instructors are DSU professors.

Application Deadline: April 3, 2015 | Dr. Mazen Shahin, | 302.857.7055 | Cost $500 (covers room, board and field trips) | More information and Application

Sports Camps

Boys’ Soccer for High School Athletes

Camp 1: July 27 – 29  | Residential or Commuter: 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. |  Register for Camp 1
Camp 2: July 30 – August 1 | Residential or Commuter: 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. | Register for Camp 2

The USFT Sports Boys’ Soccer Camp provides two camp dates to provide access to statewide competition from all over Delaware and the neighboring states. The athletes will experience an intense preseason training program from top Delaware coaching staff.

An NCAA lecture is provided by USFT Sports CEO and Technical Director Joe Brown. The talk engages the athletes and allows them to participate and ask questions about their future careers in soccer. The talk offers help and tips with the recruitment process for college. It also covers topics such as preparing yourself for the college level and how to handle the stress of being a college athlete.

Athletes will also take part in an Injury Prevention and Recovery informative session with special guest Dr. Mesa of Delaware Orthopedic Surgeons.

The preseason training begins with three daily training sessions. Dynamic technical drills will take place in the morning for individual skill development. The afternoon session is composed of 8v8 World Cup structured matches focused around specific team tactics. Evening sessions include full-sided games for whole team competition.

Girls’ Soccer for High School Athletes

Camp: July 20 – 22 | Residential or Commuter: 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. | Register for the Camp

The USFT Sports Girls’ Soccer Camp offers quality coaching and training to female soccer players to enhance their mental and physical soccer abilities. On the field, USFT Sports demonstrates a rigorous preseason training format to prepare female athletes for their upcoming seasons. In the classrooms, informative health and collegiate sessions help them prepare for their future soccer careers.

The female student athletes will receive an NCAA lecture from USFT Sports CEO and Technical Director Joe Brown, as well as talk-around experiences from graduated college athletes. The lecture engages the athletes and allows them to participate and ask questions along the way. The talk offers help and tips with the college recruitment process, preparation for college level athletics and management of the college experience as a collegiate athlete.

Along with the NCAA lecture, the athletes will take part in an Injury Prevention and Recovery session with special guest Dr. Mesa of Delaware Orthopedic Surgeons.

Outside of these informative sessions, the athletes will be put to work on the soccer field. Morning sessions are structured as dynamic technical drills to help athletes develop the individual skills they need to prepare and succeed. In the afternoons, the girls will compete in 8v8, World Cup matches focused around specific team tactics. Later in the evening, full-sided games will take place for players to take what they have learned and execute it in live situations.

Field Hockey for High School Athletes

Camp: July 23-25 | Residential or Commuter: 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. | Register for the Camp

USFT Sports is offering its third year of field hockey in its Summer Sports Camp Program at Delaware State University. The athletes get to experience college-level training on college facilities to prepare them for their upcoming high school seasons.

Volleyball for High School Athletes

Camp 1: July 17-19  |  Residential or Commuter: 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. |  Register for Camp 1                                                        
Camp 2: July 20-22  |  Residential or Commuter: 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. |  Register  for Camp 2

USFT Sports is going into its third year of hosting a Girls’ Volleyball Camp at Delaware State University. Experienced coaches bring top-level training to all high school volleyball players throughout the state of Delaware to prepare them for their upcoming seasons. With the expansion and development of a second camp for summer 2015, all student athletes will have the opportunity to be coached and trained with the best.

Youth Enrichment Camps

Release the Inner Artist for Juniors | Grades 5-8 | June 22-26  | 8 am - 5 pm

Campers will explore creative expression through a variety of visual exercises, figure drawing, still lifes and abstraction. Projects will encourage experimentation in a variety of mediums including found objects, photography, mixed media, graphics and traditional paints. Inspiration will be drawn from song analysis, poetry, nature and everyday life. Art history topics will broaden knowledge scope and foster an appreciation for the arts. Campers are expected to bring some supplies; only basic art materials will be on hand.

Contact: Teshenia Hughes | 302.857.6824 | Cost $125 | Register for the Camp

Actors in the Attic | Grades 6-8 | July 27 – 31  | Time TBA 

Calling all artistic expressions! Actors in the Attic is a camp that will channel your child’s excitement and entertaining abilities into the pathways of dramatic performance. The basic elements of acting will be explored and campers can enjoy expressing themselves through the art of movement and through being vocal by putting on an acting performance at the end of the camp.

Contact: Teshenia Hughes | 302.857.6824 | Cost $125 | Register for the Camp

Camera Kids | Grades 5-8 | June 8 – 12  | Time TBA 

This brand new camp will bring out in the inner photographer in your child. Camera Kids will specifically teach youth fundamental skills in photography and will also instruct those with a beginning interest in photography. Participants will also get to have first-hand experience on how to handle a suitable camera for their age.

Contact: Teshenia Hughes | 302.857.6824 | Cost $125 | Register for the Camp

Computer Graphics for Juniors Grade 6-12 | June 22 – 26, July 27-31  | 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Learn the basics or hone your existing skills using PhotoShop, Illustrator and Painter. The full-day Computer Graphics for Juniors camp at Delaware State University will have your youngster begging for more time to show off  his or her design skills. Sample projects include mock Web page design, photo restoration, digital landscape painting, CD cover design, character building and much more. Click on the “more info”  link below to download the application.

Contact: Teshenia Hughes | 302.857.6824 | Cost $125 | Register for the Camp

Chemistry for Kids | Grades 2-5 | August 3 – 7  | 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

At “Chemistry for Kids,” children will learn about chemistry with a twist of fun and a dose of discovery! This weeklong camp will have campers participate in laboratory activities and learn about how chemistry is connected with real-world situations. Campers will spend their days working in a laboratory in the chemistry department at the Delaware State University. A staff of experienced chemistry instructors will supervise campers in small groups. Campers will have opportunities to learn about chemical elements, periodic table, kitchen chemistry and even chemistry related to crime scene investigation. Don't miss this charming opportunity to introduce your kids to the fantastic world of chemistry!

Contact: Teshenia Hughes | 302.857.6824 | Cost $125 | Register for the Camp

Culinary Arts in the Hospitality Industry | Grades 6-8 | June 8 – 12 and June 22 – 26  |  8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Culinary Arts in the Hospitality Industry is a Hospitality and Tourism Management Summer Program for middle school students at Delaware State University.  The goal is to expose (through “hands-on” activities) middle school students to careers in culinary arts and hospitality management. Participants will develop, plan and prepare food items, based on restaurant themes; design and set up specified place settings, using chinaware, based on the restaurant themes; explore “back of house” restaurant operations, to include design, equipment and set-up; conduct cost analysis of food pricing; and design and set up a “culinary cuisine” for a family of four. Click the “more info” link below to download the application.

Contact: Teshenia Hughes | 302.857.6824 | Cost $125 | Register for the Camp

Fashion Factory | Grade 5-9 | June 22 – 26  | Time TBA

Participants will learn how to incorporate art and fashion while learning the basics of starting a clothing line, designing clothing and using creativity to enhance personal style.  Students will also learn how to write a vision and mission for their idea or business.

Contact: Teshenia Hughes | 302.857.6824 | Cost $125 | Register for the Camp

“KUAI-LE Chinese” (Happy Chinese!) Grades 1-4  | July 27  -31  | 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

“KUAI-LE Chinese” Is a Chinese immersion educational camp. Taught by an experienced local Chinese school teacher, the unique camp is designed to bring the Chinese language, culture and math learning together. Students will have an opportunity to experience Chinese calligraphy, origami, songs and traditional dances. Activities will also include basic number sense and operations in the Chinese immersion setting. This exciting camp will definitely kindle your child’s enthusiasm for further studies in Chinese language and culture.

Contact: Teshenia Hughes | 302.857.6824 | Cost $125 | Register for the Camp

Student Leadership Training (SLT)  | Grades 4-9 | July 13 – 17 | 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Becoming/being a teenager is both exciting and challenging. Student Leadership Training (SLT) camp will cultivate life skills for both personal and academic success, helping campers deal with the tough issues and life-changing decisions they may face. SLT is designed to promote socialization, independence and leadership skills as well as build and enhance self-esteem and confidence.  Through a variety of activities, campers will learn life skills tools such as time management, basic money management and workforce readiness skills for youth.  The cornerstone of SLT is The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens; author Sean Covey applies the timeless principles of the Seven Habits to preteen/teens. It provides a step-by-step guide to help teens improve self-image, build friendships, resist peer pressure achieve their goals, get along with their parents and much more.

Contact: Teshenia Hughes | 302.857.6824 | Cost $125 | Register for the Camp

Legos! Legos! Legos! Grades K-3  |  June 8 – 12, June 22 – 26, July 6 – 10, July 20 – 24 and August 3 – 7  |  8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Are you looking for a program that will help your child learn how science, technology, engineering and math impact our everyday lives? Look no further! Come join us as we learn to design and build solutions using LEGO elements. This is a hands-on program designed to capture young children’s curiosity and direct it toward discovering how science and technology impact the world around them, and features a real-world challenge to be solved by research, critical thinking and imagination. Your child will build simple machines using gears, pulleys, levers, switches and cranks. Each week he or she will tackle a different problem or challenge. Children will display their creativity as they work together as a team to research and build models that solve problems engineers and scientists face every day.

Contact: Teshenia Hughes | 302.857.6824 | Cost $125 | Register for the Camp

MindStorm Robotics | Grades 4 – 8 

Do you want to give your child a jump-start on a high-paying, fun career in the future, all while they are having fun?  The LEGO Mindstorm Camps at Delaware State University are a perfect way to do just that. The LEGO Mindstorms series kits contain software and hardware to create small, customizable and programmable robots. This program will allow students to develop skills in science, mathematics, technology and engineering.  Students will develop basic trouble-shooting, problem-solving and critical thinking, while promoting teamwork, cooperative learning and computer programming skills.

*Beginner  | June 8-12, July 6-10 and 27-31 | 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.  

Getting started, the Mindstorm Beginners Camp takes students through the fundamental content of the NXT and the new EV3 Mindstorm robotic kits. Students will learn about the basic parts of a robot (motors, gears, sensors and framework LEGO pieces), elementary movement, and beginner building and programming concepts needed in order to build their very own robot.

**Intermediate |  July 13 – 17 and August 3 – 7 | 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. 

The Mindstorm Intermediate Camp allows students with the fundamental understanding of the Mindstorm robotics kits to demonstrate their skills and knowledge by creating more advanced and challenging robots and programs. They will learn all about sensors, which are the essential component of the MINDSTORMS robots, and how to program robots with sensors. Students will also explore how to create advanced programs and they will learn about data wires, how to process sensor values and do math on the EV3/NXT programming software, and how to make the robot remember things with variables. Finally, they will combine all of these programming techniques to create a robot that has multiple functions.

***Expert | June 22 – 26 and July 20 – 24  | 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.  

The MINDSTORM Expert Camp offers students unlimited possibilities to build and program robots, exploring beyond the instructions included in the Mindstorm set.  Students will be able to challenge themselves and have the freedom to invent, build and program robots of their very own. They will lay out the body and framework design of the robot, construct attachment pieces (arm, claws, bumpers, etc.), add sensors and develop complex programs allowing their robots to do multiple tasks at a time.

Contact: Teshenia Hughes | 302.857.6824 | Cost $125 each | Register for the Camp

MindStorm Robotics Classified  Shhh…Top Secret!!!!!!  | August 10-15 | 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

This is the final week of Mindstorm Summer Camp and it’s top secret … Shhh! Students who have participated in the prior Mindstorm camps will build the FIRST LEGO League field missions for the upcoming competition season. They will try to predict the placement of the field’s components, how they function and the possible names of the different missions. Students will also learn about the FIRST LEGO League competition and the FLL Core Values.  Finally, the students will build and program robots that will attempt perform the various tasks on the field like at an actual robotics competition.

Contact: Teshenia Hughes | 302.857.6824 | Cost $125 | Register for the Camp

Minds on the Move | Grade 5-8 | July 6 – 10  | Time TBA

From categories such as Animals, Media, Geography and Great Philosophers to American Art, students involved in this camp will learn just as much in the summer as they do during the school year. Children will be split into two teams and will be quizzed on the things they learn by preparing for a knowledge bowl competition at the end of the camp. Children will learn the benefits of working in groups, building trust between others and knowing that they can go far and beyond what they imagined when they put forth the effort.

Contact: Teshenia Hughes | 302.857.6824 | Cost $125 | Register for the Camp

Writing on the Walls | Grade 4-6 | June 22 – 26 | 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Writing on the Walls is a skill-building camp that will have your child surprised to see that having imagination in productive work can actually happen! With specifically teaching basic skills in writing, children will learn how to feel comfortable writing their own stories and sharing them with others. Participants will tap into a power they didn’t know they had. No story is too big and no dream is too small with Writing on the Walls!

Contact: Teshenia Hughes | 302.857.6824 | Cost $125 | Register for the Camp

FIRST Tech Challenge “Sport of the Mind”  |  Grades 7-12  |  July 13-17, July 20-24, July 27-31  |  8 a.m.-5 p.m.
*** Camp will be held at DSU’s Kirkwood Highway location in Wilmington

During the camp, students will be placed into teams and will be responsible for designing, building and programming robots with parts from the Textrix and Lego Mindstorms Kits to complete missions on a 12’ by 12’ FTC field. They will apply real-world math, science and engineering concepts and develop problem-solving, organizational and team-building skills all while having fun!

Contact: Teshenia Hughes  |  302.857.6824  |  Cost $150 | Register for the Camp