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  Women's and Gender Studies Minor

The Women’s and Gender Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary degree that allows students a theoretical engagement of the historical issues regarding men and women. Students are encouraged to pursue their interest in matters related to the social construction of identity and power relations in a critical engagement of the intersections of race, class, gender, ethnicity, and sexuality toward an appreciation across disciplinary lines of the experiences of people of African and minority descent. The degree requires a completion of eighteen (18) credits in the following courses:

WMGS 201-Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies—REQUIRED

WMGS 210-Women, Feminism and the Media

WMGS 220-Dimensions of Women’s Health

WMGS 230-Introduction to Feminist Philosophy

WMGS 240-Women in Physical Education and Sport

WMGS 310-Gender Representation in Visual Culture

WMGS 320-Biology of Sex and Gender

WMGS 330-The Psychology of Gender

WMGS 340-Men and Women in Society

WMGS 410-Research on Minority and Women-owned Businesses

WMGS 420-Women and Men of the Classical Lettres


For more information, contact

Dr. A. Myrna Nurse, Director
Department of English and Foreign Languages
Dr. Padmini Banerjee
Department of Psychology

Student-led Organization

Students are invited to become actively involved in MAIASM (Making the Academic Interests of All Students Matter)