Goals and Objectives

• To provide technical assistance for faculty on pre-and post-award activities for grants and contracts.

• To identify new and innovative methods of obtaining support for the University.

• To obtain supporting documents from the University for certifications needed for inclusion in proposals and contracts.  

• To provide relevant sponsored program workshops and seminars.

• To serve as a liaison between the University and various agencies.

• To obtain institutional clearance for proposals.

• To provide databases and other resource materials for faculty and staff.

• To provide a resource room with various publications and computer equipment for faculty.

• To match interests and expertise of faculty with funding opportunities.

• To assist faculty with technology transfer issues.

• To aid in improving the institution's administration of post award activities.

  Office of Sponsored Programs

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Sponsored programs are those projects and/or activities which are originated and conducted by members of the faculty or, in some instances, by staff members. Such programs are supported wholly or in part by external restricted funds awarded to the university.

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is a support structure and seeks to assist faculty members in a variety of ways — identifying funding sources; assisting with the development of proposals, including the development of a budget; proposal processing, which includes pre-and post-award administration of grants or contract; and review. In addition, the OSP is an advocate for a campus environment that is conducive to the research enterprise, and advises the administration on matters of regulatory compliance, internal sponsorship of scholarly activities and other related issues.

The OSP is the primary mechanism for providing direct assistance to faculty and staff in identifying appropriate sources for external funds of sponsored projects and programs. Sponsored projects usually include a line item budget which states monetary needs of the project. This budget may or may not include indirect costs.


The mission of the Office of Sponsored Programs is to serve as an advocate for a campus environment conducive to the research enterprise and advise the administration on matters of regulatory compliance, internal sponsorship of scholarly activities and other related issues. The office also seeks to assist faculty members in identifying funding sources, assisting with development and review of proposals, and assuring compliance.

Funding Opportunities

Faculty Proposal Submission Response Form
This form is to alert Sponsored Programs that you will be submitting a proposal for a particular grant announcement and to eliminate duplicate proposal submissions from DSU faculty. After you submit this form, you will be returned to the forms page where you should next print out and complete the Internal Processing Form.



Staff Profile

Ms. Renee S. Jones
Mr. Harold Hazzard
Interim Associate Director & Contract/IT Specialist
Ms. Chanel Haman
Research Administrator/Integrity Officer
Ms. Amber L. Cooper
Grants Accounting Administrator
Ms. Lynette K. Lee
Compliance Officer
Building 502
Phone: 302.857.6810
Office Fax: 302.857.6804