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The 2015-2016 reigns of Mr. and Miss DSU Aiah Senesie and Tria Stallings will be focus on the empowerment and uplift of students, according to University's top royal representatives.

Kyle Ripp's installation work addresses the challenging subject of bullying and violence. Her art will be on exhibition until Nov. 6 in the DSU Art Center/Gallery.

DSU Chief Operating Officer Dr. Teresa Hardee not only completed Harvard  University's prestigious Institute for Educational Management over the summer, but her photo is also featured in an advertisement about the Harvard Institutes for Higher Education published in a recent issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education.

DSU President Harry L. Williams and OSCAR Director Dr. Noureddine Melikechi (l-r to the right of the sign) pose with representatives of nine companies that took part in the Optics Symposium.

The "Colorful China" performance took place on Sept. 30 in DSU's Education and Humanities Theatre.

With the OSCAR Building behind him, Gov. Jack Markell speaks during the dedication ceremony, noting that Delawareans "have a collective obligation to let people know about the research going in this building."

(L-r) DSU President Harry L. Williams, Laurie Bickham Gray and Bryant Bell hold a display check symbolizing the $134,000 Scholarship Endowment established by the late Jane Virginia Waters Bickham (Ms. Bickham mother and Mr. Bell Aunt).

Leah Williams (l) chats with Vice President Joe Biden off-stage before she introduced him at the HBCU Week Conference in Washington, D.C.

The funding supports DSU's Access to Success initiative that seeks to increase the applications, enrollments and retention in higher ed of at-risk and underrepresented students who are from low-income families. DSU was one of 17 recipients of the First in the World grants; and those grant awardees were selected out of more than 300 applicant institutions.


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