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Management Department

Dr. Chittibabu Govindarajulu
Chair & Associate Professor

Bank of America Building
Room 210
Phone: 302.857.6931
Fax: 302.857.6379

  Department of Business Administration

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The curriculum in Management provides students the opportunity to acquire a broad professional education in several areas of business and management specializations, leading to Bachelor of Science degrees in Business Administration or Hospitality and Tourism Management.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, a student can select from a variety of concentrations which provide in-depth understanding of specific functional areas. The areas of concentration are:

General Management
Human Resource Management
Information Systems
Business Economics
Finance and Banking

Through its curricula and co-curricula programs and activities, the School of Management seeks to achieve the following major objectives:

  • to provide a learning environment conducive to developing the knowledge bases, competencies, and other skills required for leadership positions in 
    management of business government and other work organizations;
  • to provide an integrative, experience and problem-based program of study;
  • to provide students with a multidisciplinary foundation to understand the complexities of organizational management in the context of external factors 
    such as the economy, technology, competition and globalization;
  • to prepare students with the competencies necessary to pursue graduate studies in management-related disciplines and other fields of study; and
  • to provide advanced studies in management, through quality graduate programs.

The Department of Business Administration houses the Airway Sciences program that offers a Bachelor of Science degree with concentrations in Airway Science Management or Airway Science Systems (Professional Pilot).

The department also houses Hospitality and Tourism Management program that offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management. Students can also earn a concentration in Casino Operations Management.


Faculty Profile

Dr. Awadzi, Winston (Management)
Dr. Beugre, Constant (Management)
Dr. Kim, DaeRyong (MIS)
Dr. Mayo, Cynthia (Director, HTM Program)
Dr. Rhodes, Shelton (Management)

Associate Professors: 
Dr. Govindarajulu, Chittibabu (MIS)
Dr. Nunlee, Martin (Marketing)
Dr. Pinjani, Praveen (MIS)
Dr. Rodriguez, Carlos (Marketing)
Dr. Sadoughi, Mohammad (Management)

Assistant Professors:
Dr. Clarke, June (HTM)
Mr. Reigle, Hans (Aviation)

Mr. Zamir, Zahid (MIS)

Captain Speed, Steve (Director, Aviation Program)