Student Employee Orientation

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Student Employment Orientation

This orientation will provide you with an overview of on campus student employment and how to make it work for you.  After reviewing this information you will be knowledgeable about what is expected of you during your time as a DSU student employee.

If you have any questions or need further information, please stop by the Student Employment Office located on the third floor of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Student Center (suite 353) or contact us at (302) 857-6138. You can also email us at or check out our website .

Looking forward to assisting you on “making your mark on the world”! Hornets!

Student Employee Guidelines

1.      Workers are expected to be punctual. If you are delayed, you are expected to call before or within fifteen minutes of expected time of arrival. If you are ill, you should notify your supervisor when you expect to return to work.

2.      Please arrange personal business before or after work hours. Consult with your immediate supervisor if time off is necessary. It may be granted providing it does not interfere with the flow of the office.

3.      Study during work hours is not permitted. It is required that you ask for time off for special study time, if needed.

4.      Visiting with friends in the office or on the phone during work hours is prohibited. Visiting should be done during breaks away from the office.

5.      When tasks haven’t been completed at the conclusion of your work period, inform your immediate supervisor of the progress.

6.      Inform your supervisor before leaving the floor at the close of your period.

7.      The fax machine is for office use only. Personal use is not permitted.

8.      The copy machine is for office use only. Personal use is not permitted.

9.      Completion of the time sheet is the responsibility of the student. Your immediate supervisor must sign the time sheet before submitting to the payroll office.

10.  When taking telephone messages, please get the caller’s complete name and telephone number with area code if long distance. Repeat the digits to the caller to ensure accuracy. Also, note the time and date and initial in the appropriate place. Answer the telephone on the 1st or 2nd ring. See the directory to make appropriate transfer calls. Place messages in the appropriate office box.

11.  Cell phone usage is prohibited during work hours.

12.  Everyone is responsible for keeping the noise level to a minimum.

13.  All files and work related information are of confidential nature. Student employees are required to maintain this confidentiality at all times. Written or verbal information cannot be removed from the office or discussed with students or other individuals not employed within the office. Data and material, to which you may have access to, must be treated in a confidential manner. Any breach of confidence or abuse may result in dismissal and/or disciplinary action.

14.  Finally, you represent the image others have of our offices and services. Incorporate professional telephone etiquette and an attitude of helpfulness in greeting all who call and/or come to our offices.