Admission Policies and Procedures

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Application Process

To be considered for admission to the MBA program, applicants must submit: (1) a completed application form; (2) official transcripts of all previous undergraduate and graduate work; (3) official Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) score results; (4) two recommendation forms completed by persons acquainted with their ability for graduate study; (5) applicant's resume; and (6) the applicants' statement of philosophy, objectives and career aspirations. The MBA program has a rolling admission policy whereby applications are decided upon as they are received. Applications and supporting documentation for admission should be sent to the following address:

MBA Office
Delaware State University
Bank of America Bldg. Rm 106
1200 North Dupont Highway
Dover, DE 19901-2277

Requirements for Unconditional Admission

For admission to the MBA Program, applicants must have earned a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university and possess the ability to do graduate work of high quality. For unconditional admission, candidates must have earned a minimum cumulative undergraduate grade-point-average of 2.75 (on a 4.00 point scale) and achieve a total score of at least 950 points (based on the following formula: 200 times the overall undergraduate grade-point-average plus the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) score, except that the minimum acceptable GMAT score must be 400. In addition applicants must have completed Foundations requirements.

Requirements for Conditional Admission

Applicants not meeting the unconditional requirements may be admitted conditionally if (1) they have a minimum cumulative undergraduate grade-point-average (GPA) of 2.50 and earn a minimum of 400 on the GMAT; (2) have an overall undergraduate GPA of 3.00 or at least 3.25 upper-division GPA and have not completed the GMAT; or (3) have completed all other requirements except the Foundations.

Change of Status

A candidate admitted conditionally must complete a total of three MBA core or elective courses (nine credits) and earn at least a "B". Candidates conditionally admitted must complete the Foundations requirements and submit satisfactory GMAT scores before registering for their fourth course. Satisfactory GMAT score is based on the formula: 200 times overall MBA GPA plus GMAT score equals to or greater than 950 points (200 x MBA GPA + GMAT score >= 950). Minimum acceptable GMAT score is 400.

Requirements for Non-Traditional Applicants
Applicants may apply for admission as non-traditional students if they have: (1) higher or professional degree beyond the baccalaureate degree; (2) significant relevant work experience; or (3) national or regional certification in a professional field. Applicants may petition for the GPA, GMAT, and CBK requirements to be waived. All requests for waivers must undergo a review and certification by the Director of the MBA Program (refer to the MBA Handbook for further information).

Waiver Requirements for Non-Traditional Applicants
To be considered for a non-traditional status, the student must first complete an application to the MBA program through the Graduate School. The student must then complete a Non-Traditional Consideration Request Form and submit to the Director of the MBA program. The request must include the following supporting documents: (1) Evidence of degrees beyond the baccalaureate degree (if applicable); (2) relevant work experience, that is, five years or more in a managerial or supervisory position; (3) contact person for work verification (name, title, address, and telephone number); (4) copies of national or regional certification (include state and expiration date); and (5) any other relevant information.

Admission to Candidacy Status

After completing a minimum of nine (9) semester hours and a maximum of fifteen (15) semester hours of MBA courses, students must apply for admission to candidacy for the MBA degree. Students may not enroll in more than 18 credit hours of the MBA Program without candidacy approval. GMAT scores must be on file and all Foundations requirements must be fulfilled in order to apply for candidacy. Students admitted conditionally must remove all conditions prior to the application for candidacy status.

Transfer Credit

MBA students may transfer a maximum of nine (9) graduate credits from another accredited institution toward the master's degree, provided they earned a grade of "B" or higher in the course for which transfer credit is sought. The transfer credit must be directly related to the MBA course requirements and must have been completed not more than five (5) years of the student's date of application.

Scholarship and Tuition Waivers

The MBA program offers (through the Graduate School) limited scholarship funds and tuition waivers to students. All financial assistance is offered to students on a first come first serve basis. Only students who have been accepted into the MBA program will be considered for the limited funds that are available. Given the limitation of available funds, students are encouraged to explore other sources of funding.

Why should you choose our MBA program?

1. Accelerated program geared towards working adults.

2. The best value in the Tri-State Area.

3. MBA candidates interested in pursuing full-time accelerated program can complete the degree in 12 months by taking three courses (9 credit hours) per term. Regular full-time students can complete the program within an 18-month period by taking two courses per term.

4. MBA classes are offered during the evening hours and weekends. Those interested in part-time study can complete the degree requirements within two years by attending, at least, one summer session.

5. Courses are taught by highly-trained professors who want to see you succeed.