Food Business Incubator Center

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The mission of the Food Business Incubator Center (FBIC) is to nurture, support, and sustain food and agricultural industries in the Delaware region by providing business and technical training, resources for product and process evaluation and incubation, and a trusted source for information and guidance. The kitchen incubator at Delaware State University (DSU) is managed by the Delaware Center for Enterprise Development in collaboration with the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM). The commercial kitchen incubator is located in the Bank of America Building on DSU's Dover, Delaware campus. The incubator provides a low-cost commercial and licensed facility that can be used by food producers. Incubator tenants will time-share space according to the amount of time needed while saving considerable expense over equipping their own kitchens. The FBIC provides low-cost kitchen facilities that can be used to produce food items for business. The commercial, licensed and certified kitchen is available by appointment and provides dry and cold storage, on-site assistance and access to computers, printers, fax, copier and a variety of office equipment. If you would like additional information about the kitchen incubator, please contact Audrey Scott Hynson, Incubator Manager at (302)857-6951.