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The Master’s degree in Teaching offers a pathway into the profession for individuals who hold bachelor’s degrees in non-teaching fields. In just one year, students can gain both a graduate degree and a teaching credential, rejoining the work force with a highly marketable set of skills. The program is focused on areas of critical teaching need, especially science and foreign languages. Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree in biology, chemistry, physics, science, math, English, French, Spanish, physical education, business, history, or agriculture. 

The program enables students to cultivate practical skills via direct experience in real-world classrooms, while gaining a broad theoretical background in areas such as cognitive development, assessment, and diverse classroom populations. Graduates possess the skills, techniques, and theoretical framework to move directly into a successful teaching career.

Required Courses

Professional Preparation

Graduates achieve certification to teach in their content area of expertise. They develop specific skills and theoretical knowledge in

  • ethnic, racial, and cultural diversity in the classroom

  • the use of technology in teaching

  • literacy

  • classroom management

  • research methodologies

Delaware State has a reputation for excellence in teacher education and development, and our graduates have a strong track record of success. Graduates of this program become strong candidates for employment in top school districts across the country.


Faculty members in the College of Education combines academic expertise with direct experience in the field of education. They have served (or continue to serve) as classroom instructors, principals, policymakers, analysts, and advocates. Their experience enables them to offer practical guidance and mentorship, helping students adapt to the professional world and make wise career choices.

Research and Experience

The Master’s in Teaching degree includes a mandatory full semester of student teaching experience in an actual classroom. During this practical experience, students complete and present a professional portfolio and “Teacher Work Sample” as an assessment tool.


Dr. Cecil Clark
Director - Clinical Field Experiences
Ext. 6740, Room 110

Ms. Stacey Gede
Senior Secretary - Office of Clinical and Field Experiences
Ext. 6727, Room 110

Dr. N. K. Rathee
Acting Director, Graduate Program
Ext. 7170, Room 112