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Faculty will observe a flexible attendance policy on Oct. 31 for students unable to return to campus on Wednesday.

DSU President Harry L. Williams honors the ladies of Delta Sigma Theta during halftime of the Oct. 20 homecoming game. The sorority won the University's first-ever Divine 9 Challenge and raised $1,505 to go toward scholarships for DSU students.

A new state-of-the-art Optical Science Center for Applied Research building was announced.

DSU President Harry L. Williams shares some important things he learned as a child with the 5th and 6th graders of William Henry Middle School in Dover during an Oct. 18 presentation.

The 2012-13 Royal Renaissance -- (l-r) Mr. & Miss Sophomore Quira Parker and James Jones, Mr. and Miss Junior Dejon P. Stokes and Charles Robinson-Snead,  Mr. & Miss DSU Jamesa McDonald and Eric Brown Jr., and Mr. & Miss Senior Master Brown and Serenity Goodridge.

DSU President Harry L. Williams talks to a student and his mother during the Oct. 13 Parents Day luncheon.

Dr. Harry Williams and his wife Dr. Robin Williams stand with a group who were among the principal and co-principal investigators that brought in a school-record of more than $30 million in grants into the University over the last year.

(L-r) Dr. Ana-Rita Mayol, Explorer's Club co-director, stands with senior counselors Ashli Henderson and Cynthia Mattison; junior counselors Karisma Hooker, Aaron Villette and Charles Mungai; along with Dr. Nirmaljit Rathee, co-director, and Dr. Eric Cheek, faculty advisor.


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