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Building Your Planned Giving Plan Workshop

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As we celebrate our 130th Anniversary, the time is ripe to look ahead and plant the seeds for generations to come.

We thank all those who joined us recently for a virtual workshop called “Building Your Planned Giving Plan”. We brought together key alumni and supporters from across the University network to learn how to use Planned Giving to strengthen your approach to charitable giving in a way that helps you meet your own personal and financial goals while making transformative change possible here at DSU.

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Below you’ll find a series of helpful videos from our recent “Building Your Planned Giving Plan” workshop, featuring DSU alumni speakers and our University Advancement team-

  • Full Workshop: 
  • Planned Giving Explained: 
  • Orienting Yourself as a Donor: 
  • Tax Benefits of Planned Giving: 
  • Profiles in Giving: 
  • Workshop Q&A Session: 

You can also visit us anytime at www.desu.edu/giving/planned-giving to learn more about Planned Giving solutions here at DSU.

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