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(L-r) DSU President Harry L. Williams stands with the following 2012 retirees: Brenda Brown (30 yrs.), Dr. E. Everard Cornwall (21 yrs.), Claudia Johnson (16 yrs.), Dr. Arthur Tucker (36 yrs.), Betty Price (6 yrs.), Benjamin Turner (23 yrs.), Dr. Sylvia Sheffler (16 yrs.), Gary Wayman (30 yrs.), and Nancy Wagner (4 years).

  DSU 2012 President's Banquet for Retirees -- Photo Slideshow

Delaware State University held the annual President’s Banquet for Retirees on June 5 to honor the retirement class of 2012.

See the below photo slideshow for images from the event, followed by a list of the retirees.

The 2012 retirees honored at the President's Banquet:

Brenda Brown, Office of Financial Aid, 30 years.

Dr. E. Everard Cornwall, Department of Education, 21 years.

Claudia Johnson, Department of Nursing, 16 years.

Betty Price, Office of the Provost, 6 years.

Dr. Sylvia Sheffler, Department of Nursing, 16 years.

Dr. Arthur Tucker, College of Agriculture and Related Sciences, 36 years

Benjamin Turner, Custodian Services, 23 years.

Gary Wayman, Custodian Services, 30 years.

Nancy Wagner, Institutional Advancement, 4 years.