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  DSU Board of Trustees Approve New Background Check Policy

Delaware State University announced today the completion of an audit of DSU’s hiring process with specific focus on its background check procedures, as well as a review of the financial transactions of DSU’s College of Education, Health and Public Policy.
The findings of the audit – which covered fiscal year 2013 – were reported by Jose Echeverrí, DSU Board of Trustees member and chair of the board Audit Committee, during its Sept. 19 board meeting. The audits were conducted by the University’s Internal Audit Committee.
The committee’s review of background checks from July 1, 2012 to July 10, 2013 revealed that the University did not deviate from its standard human resources practices or procedures in the cases of all individuals hired during that period. However, according to Mr. Echeverrí, the audit committee recommended that the University enhance its current background check process.
The University has implemented a new Background Check Policy that requires national criminal background checks to be completed on all new hires. The new policy also defines sensitive/critical positions (denoting higher levels of responsibility and access) and requires even more extensive background check to be done on such new hires.
The financial review of the College of Education, Health and Public Policy covered the period of July 1, 2012 to mid-July 2013. The audit of the college was a review that is done every time there is a dean departure in a college. In this case, the dean of the College of Education, Health and Public Policy resigned in mid-July, prompting the audit.
The audit revealed that the University’s standard policies and procedures for financial transaction were followed in all instances, with the exception of a few minor procedural discrepancies that were identified during the audit. There were no findings involving abuse, fraud or theft.
Dr. Claibourne D. Smith, chair of the DSU Board of Trustees, said the University always takes such objective reviews seriously.
“As a result of these audits, we have emerged with stronger processes,” Dr. Smith said. “We will continue to embrace and strive to model best practices.”