DSU Physics Scientist Co-Publishes Book on Novel Optics Technique



Dr. Mukti Rana with his new optics book


Dr. Mukti Rana, assistant professor in the Department of Physics and Pre-Engineering and an Optical Science Center for Applied Research scientist, has published an online book titled, Applications of RF Sputtered GexSi1-x and GexSi1-xOyThin Films for Uncooled Infrared Detectors
This book, co-authored by Donald P. Butler of University of Texas at Arlington and published by Nova Science Publishers, will help the researchers working in the infrared detection area. Infrared detection technique is used in night vision cameras, law enforcement, search and rescue in toxic or smoke-filled environments, surveillance, medical imaging, and in other ways.
This book discusses the deposition process, characterization techniques, properties and advantages of Radio Frequency (RF) sputtered GexSi1-x and GexSi1-xOythin films for using them in uncooled infrared detectors (microbolometers), as compared to the more widely used VOx.
Dr. Rana, a native of Bangladesh, has been a faculty member of DSU since the fall of 2010.