Faculty Research

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Hankoua, Bertrand
Senior Research Scientist
Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Discovery, cloning, and recombinant expression in bacteria, yeast, and energy feedstocks of novel thermophilic and ex-tremophile starch hydrolyzing genes, as well as genes-encoding laccase, lignin peroxidases, and manganese peroxidase
Harrington, Dr. Melissa A.
Department of Biological Sciences
Neurophysiology; behavioral neuroscience
Heckscher, Christopher M.
Associate Professor
Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Behavioral Ecology of Catharus thrushes; Avian Habitat Selection; Biogeography of rare terrestrial vertebrates and and invertebrates; Conservation of biological diversity; Structure and function of rare and imperiled ecosystems; Long-distance vocal communication in visually impaired environments; and Effect of alien invasive plant species in forest ecosystems
Hoff, Dr. Samuel B
Department of History, Political Science and Philosophy
Political Science and Philosophy Department American Institutions, American Political Thought, Research Methods, Political Psychology, American Foreign Policy